Flag of Wales is Just “Other Bits”!

I have now received the case documents requested from the North Wales Police regarding the Tywyn flags incident last year. (Click to enlarge.) I gave a progress report with this post last month. Unfortunately, the information now tohand adds little to what we already knew.

The police reports sent to me have been so heavily redacted as to make them almost worthless. Just about the only thing they add to what I told FoI 2you last month is that in addition to receiving cautions, the culprits also made financial restitution to the council of £270 each. Which, if nothing else, clarifies that the council is the owner of the poles (even though it is claimed they were paid for by another body.) The redacted documents also tell us that the culprits wrote a letter of apology to the council. Ah! bless.

Though one intriguing curiosity from the police documents is that FoI 3the culprits were charged with damaging only the flagpoles, not the flags. Yet the newspaper report from just after the incident made it clear that ” . . . Welsh flags had been ripped in half”. And according to Mike Stevens, chairman of Tywyn Coast Protection Group, “It’s also a disgrace to de-face the sovereign flag of Wales . . .”. In fact, it was being suggested that the damage to the poles was almost incidental, the real targets were the Welsh flags. So why are the flags not mentioned in the police documents?

Tywyn Promenade
Cambrian News 19/05/2011 (click to enlarge)

I think the answer to that question lies in part of my original request to Gogplod. I asked if this offence had been recorded as a hate crime. By ignoring the flags that question becomes almost irrelevant in what is now a straightforward case of criminal damage against flagpoles. This, I believe, explains why the police chose to ignore the desecration of our national flag, but not why Cyngor Gwynedd – or whoever owned the flags – didn’t ask for compensation.

The police attitude towards the flags may have been revealed in the Cambrian News report from May last year. There they were quoted as saying, “Eight people were arrested on 7 May on suspicion of causing criminal damage to two flagpoles and various other bits in (sic) the seafront”. So it looks as if the North Wales Police regards our national flag as nothing more than, “other bits”.

Local Democracy – Remember?

Two current stories provide further evidence of the mess local government is in in Wales.

The first is the ongoing saga of the totalitarian regime on Goal Hill in Carmarthen. For some time now the dictatorial chief executive, Mark James, and his underlings, Meryl Gravell, Leader of the Independent councillors (in many cases, Tory), and Labour group leader, Kevin Madge, have run the county without reference to the majority of those elected by the county’s voters. Carmarthenshire is now a democracy in name only. So bad have things become that the county’s largest town is talking of secession.

This slide into darkness has resulted in a totalitarian approach from county hall towards anyone daring to criticise the troika, while the council funds James’ personal libel proceedings and outsources services to – and also funds – a bunch of religious extremists. Thankfully, the fightback is underway. One of the local ‘papers having joined the Resistance this week.

The other example comes from Caerffili, where a small group of councillors secretly agreed with the chief executive, Anthony O’Sullivan, that his salary, and the salaries of other senior officers, should be greatly increased . . . soon after telling the lower orders that there was no cash to give them an increase. As I write this it seems the plebs are considering strike action.

As in Carmarthenshire, we see censorship in Caerffili, according to Unison Cymru branch secretary, Gary Enright (where’s Larkin?): “Unison members have expressed concerns, however, that since we have started to publicly speak out and campaign about the pay rise the chief officers have received, access to news websites, including Wales Online, appear to have been blocked by the council’s IT systems”.

Throw in the Welsh Government sending up Commissioners to run Ynys Môn after losing patience with its dysfunctional council, and it becomes clear that local government in Wales has a number of problems. Brought home to me again last year, during the Assembly elections. The chief returning officer for the north, Mohammed Mehmet, decided unilaterally to hold the north Wales count the day after the election. So results for the rest of Wales were already known before the counting even started in the north. Mehmet is chief executive of Denbighshire council. So, for me, one of those problems is that of over-powerful chief executives, none of whom seem to be Welsh.

It would be nice to think that the Welsh Government is giving these despots enough rope to hang themselves, but that’s unlikely. Even so, everyone knows that at some time in the not-too-distant future the Welsh Government is going to have to grapple with local government re-organisation to give us far fewer councils than the 22 we know today. This offers opportunities for reform that must be grasped – or do we simply want the likes of those above wielding untrammelled power over even larger fiefdoms!

Of course not. So for a start, not only should we have fewer councils, we should have far fewer councillors. (The cabinet system has rendered most councillors redundant anyway.) It is painfully obvious that we can’t find enough people of even the limited ability required by the 60-Member talking-shop in Cardiff docks, so why do we delude ourselves that we can find a few thousand councillors who can simultaneously chew gum and tie their shoelaces without choking or getting their finger trapped? (Possibly both.)

So let’s have a small number of professional councillors in each of the new councils, paid a decent wage with a car thrown in. For bear in mind that New York city council, serving the five boroughs, 8 million people, and countless racial and ethnic groups, has just 51 council members. So how the hell can anyone justify 73 councillors in Powys, with a population of 133,000? Also, abolish the cabinet system. Make all meetings open to the public. Let members of the public record and film all meetings. After all, councillors work for the public.

Let’s not stop there, let’s be really reactionary, and remind chief executives and other top managers that that’s all they are – managers. They answer to the councillors we elect. In other words, they work for us, the people living in the area covered by their employer. It would help, I’m sure, if the new authorities employed Welsh people for the top posts; because these would not only know the area better they would also empathise more with those they served, and be much less likely to act as gauleiters or colonial governors. Perhaps in the fullness of time the required legislation can be passed.

In the meantime, we are stuck in this world turned upside down in which an individual who should be serving the council is in fact running it! While most of those we elect are rendered impotent, and might as well not bother going to council meetings because everything is stitched up in advance between the unelected de facto leader and whoever, nominally, heads the cabinet. This is not democracy. Only a party used to doing things in such a manner could accept it as democracy, and allow it to persist.

Census 2011: Language

Most news reports and other commentators seem to be focusing on the decline in the numbers and percentages of those speaking Welsh revealed by the 2011 Census results released today, which is perfectly understandable, because for many ‘The Language’ is their primary concern. Though this approach can deny the observer the fuller picture of the state of Wales today.
To avoid this more narrow interpretation we must accept that the decline in the use of the Welsh language is an effect, not a cause; and the language is doomed to a slow and lingering death until we address the underlying reasons for its decline. These reasons can be found in the other figures released today. But they also have historic causes. (I shall not quote specific figures, that’s been done well enough elsewhere, and they’re all available here.)
Wales is a rich country with poor people, its natural resources having been exploited over centuries by what was largely English (sometimes Scottish, or even native) capital and entrepreneurs, with few benefits for the great majority of the Welsh beyond low paid and dangerous employment in the extractive or manufacturing processes. With the decline of these industries Wales – after a period of throwing vast sums money at so called ‘inward investment’ – began to sink towards a condition of very low wages and benefit dependency. Throughout history, and across the globe, this situation has resulted in a falling population, as the more ambitious leave to take up work elsewhere.
Yet here in Wales, and despite too many of our brightest and best leaving, we see the glaring anomaly of economic decline go hand in hand with a growing population! This – unless accounted for by a very high birth rate (which does not apply to Wales) – is rare, if not unique, in Western history.
What the hell is going on? People are moving to areas without work! People of working age are moving to areas where they will never work! With sparse and inadequate medical and other facilities large numbers of the elderly and those needing specialist care are moving to Wales! To the extent that today, as shown by the 2011 Census:
  • Wales has a higher percentage (18%) of people over the age of 65 than any region of England.
  • Wales has a higher percentage (23%) of people with a long term health problem or disability than any region of England.
  • Wales has a higher percentage (26%) of people without a recognised qualification than any region of England.
The explanation is quite simple – Wales is undergoing a comprehensive form of social engineering. An English population is being brought in to serve two purposes: a) keep up population levels b) anglicise Wales (and thereby minimise any threat of ‘creeping’ secession). What’s worse, the greater part of this influx – especially to rural areas and former mining communities – belongs to the categories listed above.
So an already poor country of three million people, the greater part of it qualifying for EU structural funding, is willingly allowing, or actively encouraging, the movement into the country every year of thousands of people who will contribute nothing beyond making the statistics read even worse on age balance, economic activity, health and disability. Why? This is economic insanity!
The Welsh language is an indicator of the general health of the nation. Therefore, to believe that the language can be dealt with solely by fresh legislation, or more schools, divorced from its social and economic context, is self-deluding nonsense. Yet legislation and education are the false idols that have been worshipped for decades by those claiming to have the best interests of the language at heart. This was always the easy way out because it avoided confronting the real problems – a weak economy and English colonisation.
Yet despite this obvious, glaring, problem the Welsh Government supports and encourages those very agencies that bring into Wales more elderly people, more workless undesirables, more people with ‘problems’ needing care. This makes the Welsh Government complicit in the anglicisation and the impoverishment of the country it claims to serve. It also makes that shower down Cardiff docks perhaps the most incompetent administration in history! And while the Labour Party may be in power, the other parties cannot be excused, because they have remained silent and complicit.
I have dealt ad nauseum with these issues and I’m damned if I’m going to waste more time on another long list of what needs to be done. It should be unnecessary, for I get the feeling that an increasing number of people can see what’s wrong in Wales. One doesn’t need to be a nationalist to see the economic problem, and its causes. Tackling the reasons behind economic decline will aid the language.
From now on we need a new approach to how things are done in this country. Welsh people must have priority in housing, employment, education, grant funding and other benefits. No Welsh agency will provide housing, benefits, employment or any other services to any person lacking strong Welsh connections. And if the politicians refuse to legislate then they – along with the media and our other enemies – must be ignored by those who are prepared to defend Wales.
Wales for the Welsh? No, not exclusively so. But we certainly shouldn’t tolerate a ‘Wales’ without the Welsh; nor any corner of Wales without an overwhelming Welsh majority. Yet this is where we are headed unless action is taken soon. And it must be action, for words have clearly failed.

I Will Have My Say

Since I started this blog in July 2008 I have, I’m glad to say, upset countless organisations, groups and individuals. This was the purpose of the blog – either to deal with those issues the ‘mainstream media’ ignored or to present a ‘fresh take’ on those issues. Inevitably, some of those I have upset have made their displeasure known to me. But for a few days following my previous post I was subjected to a barrage of abuse and smears that is unprecedented in the long and glorious history of Jac o’ the North.

My first response was to answer back, point out the errors in my attacker’s case. This was done through an exchange of e-mails. But as it went on I began to wonder if the woman I was dealing with didn’t have problems . . . perhaps the very same ‘problems’ she suggested I was suffering from. Despite friends and supporters suggesting I take legal action against her, or report her to the police, I decided to put an end to the matter by placing her on my blocked senders list and re-writing the previous post. But then I began to have second thoughts.

This re-think was partly prompted by the Labour Party’s links with my slanderer’s organisation, and whether Swansea council might not be considering ‘outsourcing’ to the Olive Trust; perhaps copying neighbouring Carmarthenshire, which has let services formerly run by the council (e.g. day centres) or help provided by reputable agencies supported by the council (e.g. Citizens’ Advice Bureaux) be taken over by bodieOlive Trusts that have their own agendas and should never be trusted with these roles. In Carmarthenshire, the main beneficiary of this outsourcing is the Towy Evangelical Church. (Dealt with here by me, and extensively in these Carmarthenshire blogs Y Cneifiwr and Carmarthenshie Planning.)

Before considering the Labour Party connection, I shall entertain you with some of the insults and epithets hurled at me this week. On the right (click to enlarge) you will see her attacks on me in the ‘My Blog’ section of The Olive Trust website. (Though this has now been removed.) In it – for reasons I cannot fathom – I am referred to as “Mr David Dando”. (Which is nothing compared to some of the other names I am called.) I am suffering from “mental illness” . . . my details have been passed to “the relevant authorities” . . . I will soon be “sectioned under the mental health Act, 1983, 2007” . . . I wet myself in public . . . I was arrested in the belief that I was the “Scruffy Flasher” (who he?) . . . I am succumbing to Alzheimer’s.

Of course I do not suffer from any of these conditions, nor am I a flasher (and certainly not a scruff!). Yet on the website of an organisation supposedly committed to helping people with precisely these problems, this woman can blithely hurl these insults around. Thereby trivialising these conditions and, in so doing, ridiculing genuine sufferers. What sort of people are these? The chairman of The Olive Trust, by the way, is long-serving Swansea Labour councillor Alan Lloyd.

e-mail 1Our e-mail exchange contained so many insults and slanders that I don’t have the space to give them all. But the first e-mail received (left, click to enlarge) will give clues as to what followed. But in case you need convincing, in a later e-mail she wrote, “You have been registered as a racist and the incident as a hate crime. They were with me for a good while those very nice Welsh police and then left, telephoning me the next day to let me know what further investigation they are undertaking. Your details are being passed on as we speak.” Before hitting the heights with, “One more thing…just to remind you I am anything but fluffy…I fight for justice every second of every day. I never give up..and used to work alongside the south Wales police hence, the lack of humour. I trust everything about me is currently being removed. I am also working with a British intelligence officer on another case I pushed to the max…”

It was at this point I concluded that this woman has serious problems. Though there remains the possibility that she has made a complaint to the police and that the police will act on that complaint, or use it as a pretext. (After all, I have been annoying them recently with FoI requests.) It is this possibOlive Trust WEFOility that really annoys me. Plus the fact that, given the problems she has, why is no one looking after her? And why is a senior Labour Party figure mixed up with her and her strange friends? Is the Olive Trust receiving funding from the public purse?

The last two of those questions can be, partly, answered by information I dug up from the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) website. (See right, click to enlarge.) This shows that in 2010 the Olive Trust applied for £1,000,000 of European funding. (Nice round figure.) The project is vague in its objectives, planning to do work that was already being done by other bodies such as local councils, charities and similar. What really struck me was that the application made reference to helping Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) groups. For remember, the Olive Trust is based in Swansea – the home of Malik Malik Malik and Malik, the family then controlling the BME racket in Wales. So was this an attempt to muscle in, maybe even whack, Godfather Naz? Whatever, it does explain the incongruous presence among the Olive Trust’s holistic twinky-winkies of Old Labour’s Alan Lloyd. Obviously these wimmin had enough nous to know that if you want to get your hands on serious loot you need – like AWEMA – influence with the Labour Party. I cannot establish whether the application was successful, rejected, or is still under consideration. I’d be grateful if anyone could find out. (And it’s safe to assume that applications were made to other funders.)

The application summary supplied above is a gem of its kind, and worth reading. If you want to know where and how the EU funding has been wasted, and why Wales is poorer today than when we first qualified for Structural Funds, read this application. It’s framed in the kind of vacuous, button-pressing language one would use if seeking employment with the Cwmscwt Disabled Single Parent Black Lesbian Co-operative. It is so far removed from the real world, and the true needs of the asylum-seekers and refugees the Olive Trust claims it wants to help, as to fatally expose it for the self-indulgent and self-virtuous bullshit it is.

So, in addition to all I said previously about the Olive Trust and those involved with it (which I now unretract), I add the following. The Olive Trust is yet another bunch of English luvvies that has slipped over the border to help ‘oppressed minorities’ appreciate herbal tea, reiki and organic Peruvian willy-warmers. In reality, of course, they are simply trying to milk EU and other funding for pet projects that benefit no one but themselves. This should not surprise us, human nature being what it is. But that the Labour Party should be so supportive of these charlatans, at the expense of the Welsh people and the Welsh communities for whom this money was allocated, is unforgivable.

UPDATE 06.12.12: This link suggests Olive Trust involvement in Llanelli with the troubled Communities First scheme. After spending £300m on CF it is now agreed that this project has not really delivered. Just another expensive failure by the Welsh Government, partly due – as so often – to having given too much of the money to too many of the wrong people.

I Haven’t Gone Away

I’ve been quiet for almost a week due to family commitments and other business. I shall return with a post next week, followed by a report on the Cilmeri rally. (Saturday, December 8th. Try to make it.) After that I might have an interesting post about my ongoing communications with Gogplod about what exactly happened following the Tywyn flags incident in May 2011.

Or rather, what didn’t happen. Because I know from the first answer given to my Freedom of Information request that there were no prosecutions, just two cautions. The police FoI response was dealt with in this post. In that reply I was told that: “The Freedom of Information Act requires that responses cannot provide information which will breach the Data Protection Act 1998. The information that you have requested relates to a third party for example a person other than yourself (section 40(2)). Therefore, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, this letter acts as a Refusal Notice under section 17 (1) of the legislation.”

Thankfully, someone pointed out that as I had asked, in my initial request, for personal NWPinformation to be redacted, that request did not contravene the Data Protection Act 1998. His words were, “They’re trying it on”. So I wrote again to the police suggesting that my original request did not contravene the DPA 1998, and requesting an answer. They replied (see right) promising an answer by December 13th. When I receive that response you will know what they said. Moving on . . .

Last week I wrote, again, about the dangerous, yet mutually beneficial, relationship between the Labour Party and the Third Sector. AWEMA Reborn? attracted a number of comments, the most interesting of which I have printed in full, below. It is well written by someone who has clearly looked into the matter. The question I ask is, does anyone else have anything to add? Or can the person who provided this information add anything? Such as directions to “website collects cash donations, and sells merchandise including mugs coasters and union jack shopping bags to the good folk of Carmarthenshire . . . .”

From what I’ve read so far, (name redacted) sounds like yet another arrogant colon who thinks she’s doing us a favour by moving to Wales. The worst kind of smug, right-on, twinky-winky, ‘alternative’, Third Sector, Common Purpose, Guardian-reading bigot who comes to our country but sees only ‘minorities’. (Being persecuted by us Welsh.) The sort of person who should be told (and none too politely) to go back to her own country”.

I shall re-surface sometime tomorrow after a night of Argie red and repeats of the Swans’ great triumph this afternoon. Just in case . . . Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea.

“May I introduce you to ‘The —— Trust‘ .

(Name redacted) is the name of the founder. A former —— Party candidate of EnglandandWales in ——-, Hertfordshire. The chairman of this organisation is — —–. —-, is a former —— councillor for —— ward in ——-, a former Mayor. He was on the —————————————-; Scrutiny Board of Swansea City Council, as the —— —– councillor.You will notice that this outfit advertises ‘Advanced Energy ——-‘ on the —–, and “—– – A very relaxing treatment in the heart of ———shire.” . She also boasts employment as a ‘ghost writer’ under the name of (name redacted). Two of her publications are, ‘Handbook for the ——– ————–‘ and ‘The Man who ——- —— —– —– ——‘. I don’t know if this is a reference to her —— Party friend who’s chairman of ‘The —– Trust”.Interestingly, (name redacted), has a blog, in which she complains about poor service from

Welsh servants she uses to clean her house. Something about the rude people from ——– (she names a person in her blog) and, to quote, “throwing aside all of the ones that could not string a sentence together I chose two of the most articulate to come and see me”, in her search for suitable cleaning staff. This entry (dated 24/11/2012) is tagged as ‘An English Girl — —–“.She also complains on her blog of a ‘meduim’ in Swansea who apparently failed to detect she was pregnant during a consultation. I didn’t know about the severe lack of GPs in Carmarthernshire and the need for ‘mediums’ to perform such a diagnosis.

Note :- The —– Trust has a charity number ——– was registered with the charities commission as operating in ——–shire as a ‘Natural Therapy Centre’ but was removed from the charity commission register in 2005. It is no longer registered. The website also says “—– Global is our business arm soon to be —– Global Ltd”, this is not possible, as

—– —– Ltd is already a company operating as a software house in Gabalfa, Cardiff. The ‘The —– Trust‘ website collects cash donations, and sells merchandise including mugs coasters and union jack shopping bags to the good folk of Carmarthenshire, for them to celebrate Her Majesty’s Jubilee. Payment is via a PayPal account. I wonder where the money goes?Strangely, while (name redacted) is receiving expenses from ——- Bay Racial Equality Council (now morphed into ——- Bay Regional Equality Council) and having problems with her janitorial staff at her property with “inarticulate cleaners” from ——–. She is also still advertising her —– Crystal Energy healing services at another address, namely

— —– —— —– —-, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Strangely this expert in ‘healing’, suffered to a terrible illness back in 2005…Good to see this lady gain such a speedy recovery, and applied her talents to the diversity needs of ——- Bay. I can’t understand, however, why she has set up what appears to be money collecting scheme under a bogus charity, in partnership with a significant figure in the Swansea —— Party. Am I missing something?”

UPDATE 04.12.12: I have redacted a person’s name and cancelled various links from this post following a series of rather worrying e-mails (in which I was referred to as ‘the Welsh Goebbels’!), containing threats of police action, also a – now withdrawn – post on a certain website that referred to me as an incontinent, mentally ill, flasher. All this led me to conclude that the woman I was dealing with has problems. So I have put her on my Blocked Senders list for e-mails and removed her name from this post.