The Funding Racket

The post from here removed concerned BAWSO, the Black Association of Women Step Out Ltd. A charity (No 1084854) and company limited by guarantee (No 3152590). It was prompted by information posted as comments to my blog from an anonymous but obviously well-informed source. 
I used the information supplied because it was convincing and also because it tallied with other, more damning, evidence sent by a more roundabout route, from someone insisting that their information was not used. 
The BAWSO post was withdrawn today after I received a number of e-mails from someone claiming to be the person who’d posted the comments, saying that he / she feared identification resulting in victimisation, and requesting me to withdraw all references to him / her.
Of course, there must be the possibility that whoever contacted me today is connected with BAWSO, and wanted me to remove damaging information about this group; but I had to err on the side of caution and assume that today’s contact was the same person who provided the information on which the BAWSO post was based. 
That said, and given the other source mentioned, there is clearly something wrong at BAWSO and so I would welcome further information on this group and any other group in receipt of public funding where officers, trustees or employees are acting irregularly.