Jun 072017

After accidentally deleting this post, and retrieving it thanks to help from readers, I have now been asked to take it down by the councillor involved, who is being pressured by Wrecsam council. What follows is entirely mine.

The removed post concerned a senior officer of the council, one Trevor Coxon, a native of Stoke-on-Trent, the Brexit/UKIP capital of England, who used the Manchester terrorist attack as an excuse to remove Y Ddraig Goch, the Welsh flag, from Wrecsam Guildhall, arguing that the Manchester attack was “not exclusively a Welsh commemoration”.

He did it because he is a BritNat, who would rather not be reminded that he’s in our country, not his own. Unfortunately we have too many with his mindset among us.

Here’s an example of what a colonialist bigot Coxon is, information that came in a comment: “I remember Coxon at a planning committee meeting about the National Trust’s application to build 300 houses on their donated land in Rhostyllen. We put forward the Wrecsam council policy to him that stated developments should not dilute the Welsh identity of an area. (By the way the proposed houses were already being advertised and advertised as being in ‘Rhostyllen, Cheshire’!) His response was that Rhostyllen is not Welsh!”

In addition to being a BritNat bigot Coxon and his colleagues are now bullying a woman. What a bunch of shites!

You have been brought to my attention, Coxon, and from now on I shall be watching and listening, and I have sources everywhere. If I write about you again it will not be taken down.

End (for now)

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Might be worth asking your hosting provider (sccambria) to install rsnapshot and configure it to backup your wordpress data automatically. Four-hourly/daily/weekly/monthly cycles work great for us. Should take <10 minutes to install and configure, and as it uses rsync under-the-hood it is very efficient – it effectively only takes space for changes over the originals.

An alternative, but slow, recovery method (well done AM) would have included sending £10 to make a SAR under the 1998 DPA from one of the many "friendly" organisations that monitor and appreciate your output 😉


“This was not a ‘natural (technical) disaster’ but an accidental site admin misoperation (easily done, human error, one wrong click and that’s it) .”

Is that what you describe being pissed on Argie red?


no blog about General Election results Jac – celebrations here! Was keen to read your take.