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If we believe certain politicians in Europe, the USA and elsewhere, then Russia controls cyberspace. Vlad the Influencer is dabbling here, sticking his oar in there, getting Trump elected in the USA and boosting support for all manner of other candidates. It do make ew think.

Or maybe not . . . seeing as those who tell us these things are politicians and journalists, two sub-species whose members, in the affections of the public, come somewhere below Honest John down his auto ‘showroom’ behind the abattoir. In other words, lying bastards.

Another reason it all falls down is because we are asked to believe that those making these claims against Mr Putin – and the countries these accusers represent – have never themselves tried to influence events outside of their own borders, ever. So it’s not just lies, it’s rank hypocrisy.

The truth is that almost every country tries to influence events outside its borders. With smaller countries it may be no more than an irredentist squabble with a neighbour, but when we come to the big players, the scope becomes global. The bigger the stage, the bigger the lie: invasion becomes ‘humanitarian intervention’ and regime change is ‘restoring democracy’ (often to countries that have never known democracy!).

Now if larger countries are prepared to destabilise or invade other countries in their national interest then it stands to reason that they won’t hesitate to defend themselves from what they perceive to be internal threats.

With the UK this has taken many forms in recent decades. For example, in the 1980s, under Margaret Thatcher, we saw the naked power of the state used to provoke and then crush the National Union of Mineworkers. In Northern Ireland we saw detention without trial and a shoot to kill policy, but also the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the British military and intelligence services co-operating with Loyalist terrorists.

Since the demise of the NUM and peace coming to the Six Counties the perceived threats to the UK have changed, and to meet those new threats we see modified responses. Though one constant among responses is propaganda, which has become more pervasive thanks to modern technology.

To the point where the propaganda offensive mounted to tarnish the SNP and ensure a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum reached a level of state-sponsored lying unknown in Europe since the end of the Cold War.


Over the past ten or twelve years we have seen the rise of the SNP, the West has experienced Islamic terrorism (partly in response to military interventions in the Middle East), and to top it all we had the economic collapse of 2008.

After giving these matters a great deal of thought our masters decided that what was needed was a campaign to promote our shared Britishness, then, in response to the faltering economy, suggest that we’re all suffering equally. (Well I did warn you that these are lying bastards.)

Television companies played their part by going into overdrive. In the final year of the ruling Labour–Lib Dem coalition in the Scottish Parliament (to May 3, 2007) there were just 25 television programmes with ‘Britain’ or ‘British’ in the title. Between January 2013 and January 2014, with the SNP controlling the Scottish Parliament and the independence referendum looming, Islamic extremism increasing, and the economy up Shit Creek, the number of ‘Britain’ / ‘British’ programmes had rocketed to 516!

Another response appropriated the humble poppy. When I was young older people wore poppies in November because they had known men who had died in both world wars. It was sincere, and done without affectation or fanfare – and certainly not because they were trying to make a political point.

With our masters’ growing insecurity we saw the poppy transformed into a symbol of British nationalism and unity. This transformation reached its apogee of tastelessness and blatant, Sun-style ‘patriotism’ with the weeping window.

Like I say, it’s called propaganda. On the one hand, it’s intended to comfort (in troubled times) those who have bought in to the messages of state propaganda, and reinforce those messages with which the converted have been inculcated since childhood. On the other hand, this orgy of BritNat patriotism is also designed to win over those who are sceptical of that state propaganda. Finally, it targets by exclusion those who reject the BritNat message; seeking to intimidate and silence them.

Here in Wales, it seems the only way BritNats can express their loyalty to Britain is by rejecting and attacking anything distinctively Welsh, which will invariably be dismissed as ‘nationalism’ (and therefore divisive). For there seems to be no place in this ‘Britain’ for anything that is not English, other than Orange-Loyalism which it is hoped will help secure Scotland and part of Ireland. Proving, yet again, that ‘Britishness’ in Wales is just another word for Englishness.

Seeing as I’ve mentioned Orange-Loyalism some reading this may be tempted to remind me that the Democratic Unionist Party almost swept the (Protestant/Unionist) board in the recent general election. (True, and Sinn Féin did sweep the board on the other side.) But I would remind them that a) the DUP got just 36% of the vote and b) this was the first election ever in which Unionist parties and candidates failed to get a majority of the vote (49.2%). The writing would appear to be on the wall.

From Wikipedia, click to enlarge

When Sinn Féin becomes the largest party, and if the Six Counties experiences its Algeria moment, where will the hard-line Unionists embark for, or perhaps the question should be – where will the British state resettle them?


One casualty of this rise in intolerant Britishness has been the consensus Wales so recently enjoyed on certain issues such as the Welsh language. For in recent years, and perhaps especially in the past year or so, we have seen a tide of bigotry rise to challenge that consensus. And yet, when we analyse this tide it’s difficult to identify other than a few – very busy! – individuals, for so much of the rising hostility to the Welsh language is anonymous.

Though as I say, there are some who can be identified. How could I ignore the indefatigable Jacques Protic, bigot extraordinaire, who can turn any discussion, on any subject, into an attack on the Welsh language. Someone who got a mention in a recent post was Julian Ruck, who now has a platform for his hatred of things Welsh with a weekly column in the South Wales Evening Post. Another worth mentioning would be Michaela Beddows, leading light in the campaign against bilingual education in Llangennech.

As for the rest, well many seem to come and go under a variety of silly names: ‘Cliffoch’, ‘Scrumpy Ned’, ‘The Tywyn Territorial’, even ‘Jacques du Nord’! And of course Protic under a host of aliases, among them, ‘Mo Patel’, ‘J/Jon/John Jones’ and, almost certainly, ‘Bilingo’.

Let me give a recent example. Here’s a ‘Welsh’ Assembly blog by Manon Antoniazzi about diversity and inclusion. It makes no mention of the Welsh language but still attracts ‘John Jones’. And Protic is supported here by the aforementioned Michaela Beddows of Llangennech, she who invited Ukip down and even flirted with the EDL.

But it goes beyond individuals and the SWEP, with the Western Mail living up to its Llais y Sais epithet when it ran a disgusting piece on the Llangennech school affair, suggesting that Cymdeithas yr Iaith members had gone around slashing tyres. It soon climbed down.

Articles supporting the anti-Welsh lobby in Llangennech also appeared in Private Eye and the Guardian. Private Eye, that anti-establishment publication forever laying into fat cats and corrupt politicians, and the Guardian, the voice of liberal reason. Who’d have thought they would be supporting a bunch of bigots in Llangennech?

In fact, the Guardian report caused great angst for those who believe that the people who attack us are simply ignorant of the situation, or else they’ve been misled; give them the facts and – being reasonable people – they will be won over. This is the apologist mindset that simply encourages further attacks.

The truth – that Plaid Cymru and others refuse to accept – is that when the bottom line is defending the Union, and dealing with any perceived threat to the cultural and other unity they believe must underpin the Union, there’s no difference between the English left, right and centre.

More recently I’ve noticed a change in the offensive of offensiveness. For a start, there seem to be more of the enemy and the attacks seem to take two main forms. They’re either an attack on Welsh or bilingual education, often suggesting that children taught in Welsh leave school unable to speak English! or else the criticism is over the amount of money ‘wasted’ on bilingual signs, etc., that could be spent on sick kiddies . . . puppies . . . fluffy kittens . . . (reaches for onion).

There is no doubt in my mind that many of those who have joined the fray in recent years, bemoaning the fact that children are dying of malnutrition and old people freezing to death because of the money wasted on the Welsh language, are working for the British state.

As this article from Private Eye earlier this year tells us, the British army now has its 77th Brigade, dedicated to ‘psy-ops’ (psychological operations). Predictably perhaps, 42% of the outfit will be reservists, but less predictably, the 77th will include “civvies with a penchant for tweeting and trolling on Facebook”. To Twitter and Facebook we can add assorted websites.

click to enlarge

“Civvies with a penchant for tweeting and trolling on Facebook”. How would that work, how would the 77th Brigade recruit such people? Do men in dark glasses turn up and say, ‘We’ve been following your career on Twitter and Facebook, we’re very impressed, you’re just the kind of anti-Welsh bigot we’re looking for – sign here!’

So the boys and girls down the local TA Centre, who used to train to repel the Ivans, may now be tweeting in support of Jacques and Jools. (Jacques and Jools may even be on the payroll!) And as the article tells us, the 77th Brigade joins existing units in the army, navy and the air force . . . and then there’s MI5 . . . and MI6 . . . and GCHQ. And of course, with smart phones and iPads, they can all work from home, or on a train – anywhere!

If that wasn’t bad enough then it’s made easy for them by certain websites which don’t ask those making comments or showing ‘Like’/’Dislike’ or ↑↓ to prove they aren’t robots. Among them, perhaps the two most visited sites in Wales, WalesOnline and the BBC.

Something that may have puzzled you is that an anonymous comment to these sites, badly written and expressing lunatic views on devolution, the Welsh language, or blaming laverbread for the decline in the nation’s morals, might quickly gather a dozen shows of support. Rest assured, there aren’t that many nutters out there, these are almost certainly computer generated.

Now that you know, why were you ever surprised that Trinity Mirror and the BritNat Bullshit Corporation should make it easy for the 77th Brigade and others to promote their anti-Welsh agenda? It would be very easy for them to use Captcha – as I do on this blog – to ensure that all comments and shows of support or disapproval were genuine, but they choose not to.

Funny that. Or maybe not.

♦ end ♦

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K. A. Mylchreest

Had a look at the Guardian article you linked to, and if you go to the end you’ll see they had to edit it to remove initial bias. And to think, once the Guardian was considered a ‘quality’ paper. And then just dip into the comments … worse than a visit to the irredentist.

Thing is, IMO at least, when it comes to Wales and the Welsh language in particular, yer average English-person-in-the-street doesn’t have a clue. They simply don’t possess the required concepts, explain as much as you like and all you’ll get back is a blank stare … at best. The idea that other languages exist as real means of expression equal to English, with their own speech communities and history and traditions etc. is hard for the poor dears to grasp, living as they do in a wall-to-wall world of English. Maybe they have a glimmering that ‘foreign tongues’ like e.g. French or Spanish have some sort of separate existence, but the idea that there are other ‘real’ languages within the UK (shock! horror!) that they’re not simply the esoteric pastimes of a few eccentrics, that is quite beyond their comprehension.

Sad but unfortunately true 🙁

[Not bad for a robot, no? 🙂 ]


A typical example is the FAKE published today in the Wasting Mule regarding the ‘Iron Ring of Oppression’ at Fflint proposal. The article is here…


Under the five reasons why the ring is a good idea is the strap line “Everyone’s saying countries don’t erect monuments to their conquest… but they do…” followed by a photo of William the Conqueror on a rampant horse. The suggestion being this statue is in England, at the village of Battle, Sussex.


The statute in the picture is actually the one on the main square in Falaise, Normandy, commemorating where William was born and it was sculpted by Msr Louis Rochet of Paris, the work entitled Statue de guillaume le conquerant.

David James (News editor at Media Wales) is the author of this FAKE.


I think the biggest propaganda tool has always been the education system. Yes social media has evolved the process… but a specific curriculum which is chosen by the state from the moment you waddle in through the doors as an illiterate toddler. They teach you how to read and what to read and generally the norms of the society you live in (that is to be Sheeple). Social media is a popular evolution which is taking the place of the papers and bombarding us with information every single day. Even if its just control and manipulation of information to give target audiences the world view the government wants.

I don’t think its by any means a new thing though. What are religious texts if not propaganda? More recently in regards to Wales you’ve got Glyndwr’s rising… where the Welsh rebels were “bare footed idiots” showing the lack of respect for us and the Anglo-Norman Lords looking down their noses. Of course it got to the point that they’d flat out refuse to fight us and the message changed to “Owain wishes to crush the English language and England!”. A message people clearly believed to quite the extent considering Owain took his English brother in law to meet with Thomas Percy to prove he wasn’t all the things the propaganda claimed. That shows the inferiority complex which has now become the norm within the establishment. They take over the world – yet here we still stand.

That brings me to whats now termed “fake news”. Something which has always existed… yet they put it into the public eye with the sole purpose of making us doubt anything that does not come from the establishment we’re trained to obey from moment we waddle into school for the first time. There’s also the fear of going against that way of thinking – or the current narrative. What happens to those who go against the narrative? We only need look at what happened to one of our own who went against Blair’s agenda.

The truth – that Plaid Cymru and others refuse to accept – is that when the bottom line is defending the Union, and dealing with any perceived threat to the cultural and other unity they believe must underpin the Union, there’s no difference between the English left, right and centre.

Couldn’t put this better myself. They want to fight Labour… when they are an anti-Union party and should be targeting every Welsh person regardless of alignment. They have become part of the machine. I’m not entirely sure Leanne is able to relate to those of us who come from families who have over recent generations lost our language and our identity… which are the people Plaid should have been targeting for years now – not picking up the Labour discontented.

As for he from the Balkans… shouldn’t use his name it gives him undue attention. He won’t go away but there’s no such thing as bad publicity… especially when its a person who spouts such vitriol.


Jac – ref your recent tweet, Judge Huw Rees is to be commended for his forthright statement. Shame that he didn’t punish the English scumbag more severely. His head on a spike on the Deeside border might do the job, but failing that a 100 hours of hard grafting physical labour would suffice cleaning up the mess that he and his kind are so fond of leaving behind them. Anglo Brexiters are fond of talking big about shipping EU criminals back whence they came. Well we can start here by sending all these English bags of shit back to their homeland.

The Earthshaker

Been away for a while and good to see your still exposing the rank hypocrisy of welsh politics and politicians in all parties as well as the continued rise of suffocating, intolerant British Nationalism and hard core colonialism alive and well in Wales.

Its sad we still have to do this, but your readers will be interested in an Assembly petition calling for welsh history to be taught from a welsh perspective in our schools, if its get to 5,000 signatures it has to be debated in the Senedd, think of the propaganda vale of Hamilton and his crew defending colonialism and Labour AM’s squirming as they have to acknowledge Welsh history started before the birth of their Party.


Keep up the good work.

Big Gee

Thank you for that ‘Earthshaker’.

I’ve just signed the petition. It’s been put out at a bad time though – during the recess. But there we are we should be grateful for small mercies. Although I notice the closing date is early next year.

We need to keep on highlighting this petition regularly between now and it’s closing date, to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds.

Has anyone got an up to date list of the e-mail addresses of all Senedd members? It would help me a lot – rather than have to dig them all up to create a mailing list, thereby duplicating the task that could be averted if someone already has such a list. Diolch.

The Earthshaker

Thanks for signing G, agree the timing isn’t great, but with the iron ring farce in people minds they might be more likely to sign it now and i agree we need to keep the pressure on to get to 5,000 signatures.

And thanks for sharing on your social media and blog Jac, it’s added over 80 signatures over night which isn’t bad going, its sad that this petition is even needed.

Big Gee

In harmony with the subjects touched on in this post, namely COLONIALISM, PROPAGANDA & MIND CONTROL

Here are a few videos I’ve randomly come across, that should chime with the contents of this post – or at least should do – if your minds are still awake!

Crude colonisation – it’s roots that started in Cymru:

Noam Chomsky on colonialism:

Propaganda and manipulation of the mind/ sinister use of the media:

Take time out to watch them, and then have a good think about what we are facing, not just here in Cymru, but globally.


Nice to see that you’ve found Fellow Worker Chomsky, Big Gee – he makes a heck of a lot of sense, not matter what subject he happens to be talking about 🙂


noted your tweet referring to some creep wanting to organise goat shoots at about £1,000 per head. Strange that, cos when I offered to organise a “Creep Shoot” for just a fiver a kill plus costs of ammunition ( bring your own gun ) there was a distinct lack of interest from anyone other than Health and Safety Agency who wanted to know whether the creeps would get fair treatment !!. I explained that the hi-viz waistcoats would be issued to the Creeps to enable us to locate the carcasses easily not as an aid to the shooter in sighting the kill. Never heard any more about it so another good tourism idea bit the dust.


your tweet regarding BT’s piss poor service reflects the monopolistic attitude towards “marginal” customers i.e people for whom it is difficult to provide a reasonable service. Bragging persistently about this and that level of “performance” these pillocks are only good at one thing – drawing fat cat salaries and benefits – everything else is purely down to chance, and often it’s “no chance”.

Cynulliad pumps money into BT because they are all old mates and it allows CJ and his mob to look like they are doing something. They’d get more respect if they banged a bloody big bill for hundreds of millions on BT for failure to perform to levels agreed. But that won’t happen. One time BT Wales was run by a woman who doubled up as Mrs Andrews, when your old mate Leighton was a big shot in CJ’s gang.

Now Leighton’s a big shot elsewhere ( stuffing the public sector for a decent salary somewhere with a nice Professorial tag attached )and Mrs Andrews moved over to Severn Trent where she is steering that colonial enterprise’s affairs in Wales. In due course she will, no doubt, end up at Dwr Cymru guzzling a good salary for doing not a lot and looking forward to a tidy pension. Colonial service is still very rewarding for some.

Dr Sally Baker

Some very odd things were going on at BT in the mid 1990s Dafis. I have a friend who unwittingly – whilst playing a joke on someone – discovered that Ysbyty Gwynedd and the then Gwynedd Hospitals NHS Trust which ran Ysbyty Gwynedd had some sort of corrupt deal with BT. This friend was vexed that a member of staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd was being subjected to some very nasty work-place bullying by the manager of the mental health services, Alun Davies. One of the smaller kicks in the teeth that Davies delivered to this member of staff was to refuse him an office phone, although the member of staff led a team of three and desperately needed a phone to enable the patients to ring for appointments. Everyone knew this was outrageous and that Davies was trying to bully the man out of his job by making his life impossible.

So for a laugh, one of the patients rang BT, claiming to be the Chair of the Trust John Mullen and ordered a phone for this man’s office. It was staggering – BT put him through to the marketing dept, no-one at any point asked for his ID, an account number, an invoice, and the marketing dept simply asked ‘will this be on the special arrangement Mr Mullen?’. So the patient said ooh yes please and gave the location of the office for the phone. A week later the phone was installed. The patients thought it was hilarious, but just think of what this implies. That there was a ‘special arrangement’ – obviously a corrupt deal – between BT and the Trust, in which ANYONE could ring up and get a phone installed. Where did the bill for the phone installation go? What about the bill for the phone as it was used? Why did no-one ask for a number, a finance reference, NOTHING? This is a true story – I heard that phone call and I saw the installation of the phone. That phone stayed in that member of staff’s office for years, no-one ever rumbled the joke that the patient had played.

Another friend commented that the staff of that Trust were almost certainly having home phones installed at the expense of the NHS – there was serious corruption at work there. I have always used this story as an example of the shocking misconduct of the managers of the NHS in north Wales – but it does of course also point to some colluding crooks in BT.

When Alun Davies was obliged to retire from his post a few years later after his gross mismanagement could be concealed no longer, he was appointed Chief Exec of St Davids Hospice in Llandudno. John Mullen also retired but I don’t know what happened to him.

I suspect that the BT ‘special arrangement’ was only one of many scams going on in that Trust. They probably had ‘special arrangements’ with car hire companies, furniture suppliers, the potential list is endless. A young law graduate that I was friendly with worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd as an assistant to the management about 5 years ago. He walked out after a few months describing them as ‘corrupt as fuck’. Yes, I can believe that…


There are ways of combating the big players, though our Welsh Government doesn’t seem to have cottoned on to the idea, or more likely ti way too afraid that it would allow citizens too much control of the everyday things they need.

Faced with similar false promises from BT a group of people in north Lancashire set up their own fibre broadband company as a non-profit community benefit company. It’s been something of a runaway success, and offers world class fibre broadband connections to rural areas, including one such connection that required a four kilometre connection to the cabinet, done for the standard connection fee of £150 and then £30 a month for a 1 Gb/s connection, synchronous. None of the big companies would have touched that one, or if they did the connection fee would run into the many, many thousands.

You can find out more here, it makes a very interesting read, and there is a lot that is very relevant to large parts of Wales.


It’s initiatives like this that confirm that our government is complicit in farting about pandering to corporate capitalism and ripping us off.