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Neil McEvoy

There’s no question that Neil McEvoy divides opinion, both within his own party, Plaid Cymru, and also within the wider community. The one place where opinion seems to be united is in the Labour Party, where people universally hate him. In many ways he is the enfant terrible of Welsh politics, a role that has gone unfilled for far too long.

Now you know me, in my book, being hated by ‘Welsh’ Labour is no bad thing, and can very often be a mark of distinction given the odious bastards we find in that corrupt and self-serving gang of liars, crooks, bigots, careerists and BritLanders. (‘BritLanders’ are sad cases who delude themselves that Britain or the UK is something other than England by another name.)

Neil McEvoy’s latest mention in the headlines is due to an appearance last week before something called the Adjudication Panel for Wales over an allegation of bullying. Now as kangaroo courts go, this one could make it from Cardiff to Bangor in a single hop, because the whole process was a stitch-up from start to finish. The charge hinges on an uncontested remark, the issue being to whom it was directed.

Leaving Cardiff Civil Justice Centre with a constituent in July 2015 after an unsuccessful appeal against eviction for non-payment of rent McEvoy said, “I can’t wait until May 2017 when the restructure of the council happens”. He maintains that he was talking to his constituent, the council official thought it was directed at her, and that it could be construed as a threat to her job if and when Plaid Cymru was running the council. (Which in July 2015 seemed a very unlikely prospect.)

Those of us of a certain age, who have enjoyed the company of ‘colourful’ characters, and frequented the kinds of “low dives” our mothers always told us to avoid, may think that as threats go – and even if it was directed at the council official – this was mild to the point of being innocuous. There was no weapon involved, not a hand was laid, there wasn’t even a swear word employed! And it would appear that the official took the same view . . . but then the Labour Party got to hear of it.

Although unwilling to press charges, the official, under pressure now from her ‘Welsh’ Labour Party employers, changed her mind. Maybe it was spelled out to her that if she didn’t co-operate then she could lose her job a lot sooner than May 2017, and it wouldn’t be Plaid Cymru handing her her P45.

For we are dealing here with the Labour Party in Cardiff, where the bullying of women is rampant, perhaps even party policy. For as Neil McEvoy said in the article I’ve linked to –

Seven female councillors have resigned from Labour in Cardiff. Seven!

So Why Was Neil McEvoy Stitched Up?

This section begins in the same vein as the first; Neil McEvoy was stitched up because he’s made a lot of enemies, a hell of a lot of enemies. It’s no exaggeration to say that in the past few years he might have pissed off more people than me! And while Neil McEvoy and I might not agree on much, I suspect that when it comes to pointing the finger at those Wales would be better without, then we’d be pointing in the same directions many a time. Where to start?

As I’ve already said, and as should be obvious, he is detested by the Labour Party with a particular vehemence for two main reasons: first, until 2003 he was a member of that party, and second, since then he has been an opponent who’s landed many damaging blows. Being elected to Cardiff city council and the Notional Assembly are just the more obvious of those blows.

Recently Neil McEvoy has served on the Public Accounts Committee, which has been looking into the workings of our housing associations, and he’s been asking awkward questions, and in other ways annoying people. For as I’ve explained, housing associations, especially the favoured and rapidly expanding Wales and West Housing, are just the Labour Party by another name.

Over the years he’s asked many more awkward questions of the Third Sector in general. Which means there are thousands of people in Wales living high on the hog of public funding who’d like to see the back of Neil McEvoy. (Preferably with a knife between his shoulder blades.)

Then there’s Deryn. You haven’t heard of Deryn? Well, it’s a kind of lobbying or PR company, made up of insiders that is so good that it wins contracts without even having to tender for them! Neil McEvoy has been asking why Ofcom Wales awarded a contract to Deryn and whether this was connected to the fact that two of Deryn’s senior people sit on the Ofcom advisory board for Wales.

But you mustn’t think he’s picking on Deryn alone, for last year he asked the ‘Welsh’ Government to copy Westminster and Holyrood by introducing legislation to regulate lobbyists. But when we have firms like Deryn, stuffed with politicians, former politicians, spads and other insiders, we can’t realistically expect the ‘Welsh’ Government to do anything.

I could go on, but take my word for it, Neil McEvoy has pissed off a lot of people who are taking the public and/or the public purse for a ride. These people are ‘insiders’, by which I mean, they belong to the Cardiff or Bay ‘bubble’. That self-contained world where people tell themselves that everything across Wales is hunky-dory because they are doing well.

A bubble wherein we find lazy incompetents promising not to attack each other for being lazy and incompetent, then dressing this up as some laudable ‘consensus’. It’s nothing of the kind. It’s third-raters deluding themselves they’re achieving something and it’s a cruel deception practised on the Welsh people.

Neil McEvoy exposes this ‘consensus’ for what it is, and threatens to shake this cosy world apart. Do you still want to know why he was stitched up?

Why Neil McEvoy Embarrasses Plaid Cymru’s Leadership

To understand just how cosy this ‘consensus’ really is, just take a look at the leading lights in Deryn. You’ll find representatives of ‘Welsh’ Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives. (It’s only a matter of time before Ukip’s Neil Hamilton gets the call. Christine will be delighted!)

In talking of ‘consensus’, it is the relationship between Labour and Plaid Cymru that goes a long way to explaining the Plaid leadership’s reaction to recent events. Because Plaid’s leadership dreams wet dreams of a coalition with Labour and so reality – in the form of Neil McEvoy – must not be allowed to intrude. Without a formal coalition then Plaid likes to kid itself that more can be achieved by co-operation than by confrontation – with ‘Welsh’ Labour!

All of which results in Plaid Cymru being reluctant to attack Labour. Labour knows this, and laughs at Plaid’s naivete. And this, boys and girls, is the truth about the ‘consensus’. Neil McEvoy understands this better than most.

Beyond the one-sided or imagined cosy relationship another explanation for the party leadership’s attitude to Neil McEvoy can be explained by the special interest groups that make up Plaid Cymru. I’m now referring to those who join Plaid for no other reason than to promote socialism, environmental issues, LGBT politics, the Welsh language, feminism, etc. On the McEvoy issue it is clearly the feminists driving the agenda – those same Plaid Cymru ‘feminists’ who were silent as the Cardiff Labour Party behaved like a gang of latter-day Bluebeards.

To explain what I mean about special interest groups, and in particular, feminism, let me remind you of something I covered back in November 2015, in a compendium post, scroll down to the section ‘Sophie Howe, More Labour Cronyism’.

The eponymous Sophie Howe is a lifelong Labour Party member, the daughter of a one-time councillor in Cardiff, who worked as South Wales Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, her boss being former Labour MP Alun Michael. When she couldn’t land herself a safe seat a totally new post, Future Generations Commissioner, was created for her.

This news was greeted by Jocelyn Davies, then a Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, with the tweet below. For a feminist like Davies, this squalid example of Labour cronyism could be excused – because Sophie Howe is a “strong woman”. God Almighty!

This blind spot that so many Plaid leaders have for Labour – and, more generally, those on the left – manifests itself in many ways. One example I ran across a few days ago was on the blog of Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid candidate for Clwyd South in 2016.

In his latest post Mabon deals with Welsh language education in Dyffryn Ceiriog, and asks in the title ‘Was Llangennech a stand alone issue? No. Here’s why . . . ‘ He tells of a local bigot opposing Welsh medium education, but he doesn’t lay into him because this bugger is “solidly left of centre”, a trade unionist and, presumably, a member of the Labour Party.

Yet the article makes a direct comparison with Llangennech, and if there’s one lesson to come out of Llangennech it is that the Labour Party, and socialists like Gary ‘Poumista’ Jones, have schemed and connived, been guilty of lies and intimidation, all to thwart kids getting a Welsh education. Some of them linked up openly with Ukip, and less openly with even uglier elements further to the BritNat right.

Listen, Mabon; the real message from Llangennech is that anti-Welsh bigotry comes from across the political spectrum, it is not an ideological issue. Because if we follow your logic, then I, being on the political right, am less acceptable to you than this bigot on the left. Know your friends. More importantly, know your enemies.

I didn’t enjoy writing that because Mabon is a good boy. But some things have to be said.

Let me finish by saying that I don’t really know Neil McEvoy; for all I know he could be an utter cad, or perhaps someone who bites the heads off fluffy lickle bunny wunnies.

But I do know why he was stitched up. And I know who stitched him up. And I’ve explained why many in Plaid Cymru are uncomfortable with him – it’s because he threatens their ludicrous ‘consensus’ that is nothing more than an excuse for inertia and betrayal.

Some people, myself included, regard him as a breath of fresh air, others clearly view him as something more destructive, perhaps a whirlwind. Either way, I sense that he is forcing Plaid Cymru to confront its relationship with ‘Welsh’ Labour in a way that no one has done for some time.

Which is good, for I believe that Plaid Cymru either needs a revolution from within to re-focus the party, or else it needs to be killed off and replaced by a new party that will better serve the Welsh national interest.

Wales is the poorest country in Europe, due to Labour’s corruption and incompetence, aided and abetted by Plaid Cymru’s insane belief in ‘consensus’. Anything will be an improvement on this.

♦ end ♦

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Funny I was just reading this Wings blog*, warning the SNP to avoid getting tangled in what you’d call Special Interest side issues, things we can argue about after independence. Anyways, one of the comments contrasts Plaid, so let me quote :

@ 6 March, 2017 at 12:38 pm
Nigel Stapley says:
“… It might be instructive to remember why Plaid Cymru (I originally types ‘Palid’ there; paging Dr. Freud…) has failed so wretchedly to achieve any breakthrough remotely equivalent to that of the SNP. In the mid-80s, it was taken over by a clique of Marxist pseuds around Dafydd Elis Thomas who pushed the party far to the left and, by so doing, alienated those who weren’t on the left but who were in favour of independence. This (and the later cosying up to the Greens who – in contrast to Scotland – are part of an Englandnwales set up rather than an autonomous body, and are consequently made up largely of arrogant and patronising Good Life fantasists), has meant a consistent fear-induced inability even to utter the word ‘independence’ in public.

If this was intended to try to gain electoral support from the traditional Labour areas, it has been a bust, leading instead to Plaid doing little more than shoring up minority Labour administrations. Scarcely any wonder then that – in the elections for our pretendy parliament (which we’re not permitted to call a ‘parliament’, in case it gives us ideas), people disillusioned with Labour’s misrule over decades switched in their thousands to the KIPpers instead, and also voted to yank us out of the EU (always a more beneficial relationship than the one with the Imperial Parliament in London) and leave us utterly without ammunition with which to defend ourselves …”

TBH I can’t recall when (if ever) Plaid said anything about Welsh independence. But then what are they for?



Rhun ap Iorwerth has consistently and very publicly said he is a nationalist and wants independence.


Picking up on your tweet column – the concept of “family of nations” sounds very grand but of course it only gets trotted out when the ruling clique needs to deploy it in the face of any challenge to their god given rights over the rest of us. Indeed with N.Ireland getting a bit volatile again, and Ms Sturgeon stirring the pot daily we in Wales at at severe risk of being left with a runt’s share of the goodies. With a compliant Labour government too fuckin’ lazy to do any original thinking except for those situations where they need to look after their own vested interests, and opposition made up of sundry unionists and limp wristed alt-pseudo lefties there’s little chance of anyone really fighting for this little corner.

Our lot are in freeze frame mode again accepting crumbs off the Heathrow table but dressing it up with yet another pipe dream of job creation and god knows what other benefits arising from an investment in Heathrow ! FFS if they want to lie then they better start getting good at it. How the Scots rigged it to get 200million would stand scrutiny but given the London crowd’s distaste for any kind of fight with wee Nicola they probably said “oh FFS give her some of that cash Wales should have had as they won’t miss it”. And when Carwyn goes up the big smoke for a chin wag they will open a new pack of biscuits so that he can feel important. Twat !


Dafis, 200M that should have come to Wales? I haven’t heard that one, do tell.

But more seriously there is now a real chance, in the fallout from Brexit (even perhaps if in the end B. never comes about) of an Independent Scotland, a United Ireland or even both. This will leave Wales joined at the hip to an isolated and very irate England still harbouring Delusions of Empire. There is already concern in Scotland that if independence isn’t achieved this time around, London will begin stripping powers from Holyrood, and certainly has no intention of passing on anything significant that comes back from Brussels. Potentially Wales has (had?) a window of opportunity where it might have hitched a ride on the bandwagon, but instead voted for Brexit and even UKIP. Surely that’s nothing less than an open invitation to London to begin dismantling Welsh devolution and who knows re-incorporating Wales back into ‘Greater England’. Unlike Scotland you have no separate legal system and religion isn’t what it once was, so what’s left to shore-up your separate identity? Yr Hen Iaith wrth gwrs, but that could easily be used for divide-and-rule.

Sorry to sound alarmist, but better that than complacently going “gentle into that good night”. Time for a little more rage mebbie?


I see that your old adversary Martin Shipton has written and published a defence of Neil McEvoy. Given that you approved of your friend, Keith Parry’s, support of McEvoy, how do you feel about an endorsement by Shipton?

As a highly intelligent investigative journalist I’m sure that you can come up with some theories as to why Shipton likes McEvoy so much and why, it is rumoured, that McEvoy is similarly fond of Shipton?


I suspect part of the reason Shipton likes McEvoy is part of the reason I like him. Shipton is a journalist, and the Welsh Assembly can be very boring. McEvoy isn’t boring. I’m not sure there’s any conspiracy there.


Shipton’s chumminess with McEvoy goes back well beyond his becoming an AM, so that blows your theory out of the water. Maybe Shipton does like McEvoy because he is exciting, or a hero even? Here is an excerpt from McEvoy’s speech to conference on Saturday:

“I want to tell you a real life story that illustrates my attitude to politics and life.

When I was younger I had some fights, but I never started them. Most were in response to racist abuse and I realised at an extremely young age that bullies would stop when you hit them back. Attack is sometimes the best form of defence.

I remember the first school trip I organised as a young teacher, the 14th July 1995. It’s a day I’ll never forget, because we had had a great time, until we found ourselves in a highjack situation.

A group of men… two in particular, decided that they wanted to abduct the children and managed to get control of the coach. I remember the fear of something bad happening to the 50 children in my care and I ran in front of the coach as the highjackers started to drive away.

Thankfully, they stopped and I jumped on board and tried to talk them down. They didn’t listen and then started to push me down the aisle to the back of the bus, then one of the men head butted me. Decision time. I knew that if I let them hit me again, I might not be in a position to be able look after the children so I punched them both as hard and as often as I could and I didn’t stop until I had hit them off the bus.

My momentum carried me out with them and the driver got on, secured the door and drove the children to safety. The highjackers later went to prison.

The main thing about that night was that I did what needed doing. I did my job and the children were safe. That story is relevant to politics.”


i am a bit confused with all this McEvoy business and that story has confused me even more- I am also confused as to why McEvoys would be picked on by racists, as he isnt black is he?There seems to be too much noise from both sides, but I like the fact that he challenges the satus quo . wish they all did


Martin Shipton is aware that the dwindling readership of his scribbles is the Echo sold with a can of Tizer and a Mars bar from the newsagents of suburban Cardiff. He does not write for the Guardian or the Telegraph and is aware of who his circulation is. This is a common interest with McEvoy.

McEvoy is very much having the desired effect within Plaid Cymru. Plaid has always suffered from infiltration from ‘comfortable’ third sector parasites. These luvvies with an adoration of royalty and glow at the pomp of the three feathers, who spend a career on the boundary between the education sector and some taxpayer funded cultural organisation. A kind of taffy of the bed-chamber of the British establishment. Those who visit art galleries, the ‘yeah right-on man’ types who would balk at the idea of seeing real Welsh history and culture if it means getting their shoes dirty.

One such specimen is a Mr Havard Essex.
Thankfully, he’s just stood down from being a Plaid candidate in Llandaff North.

This will provide an opportunity for Plaid to select a real candidate for the area concerned. Someone who’s primary objective when they get up in the morning is to brave the traffic to get to work, perhaps struggling on a mortgage and to feed the kids rather than vex themselves on what museum seminar to attend. Plaid Cymru is not an additional badge to attach to the Qashqai next to the National Trust emblem. It’s a political party whose goal is independence. In doing so it represents the ordinary citizens of Wales. Those need be the candidates.


that chap you dug up is Essex Havard, but either way round it’s a classic name for an imported suburban Plaider with ambitions to represent a middling level ward in the City. The name alone would have aroused considerable mirth among the locals, as many of the longer term residents are real Cardiffians as opposed to the assorted faux aspirational muppets that have moved in over recent years en route to their next address in nearby Llandaff or Whitchurch. The real natives of that ward would probably be drawn to a genuine lump like McEvoy, cut from similar cloth, no airs and graces. Instead they were about to be offered a wonk, a professional occupying that strategically vital zone linking museums to educational consultancy.

Bois bach, what are we doing to ourselves ? Will they have the sense to find a local tradesman or even a graduate professional doing a real job in the real world ? Are there any engineers or similar available ? or will it yet again be an events administrator with a track record of innovation in LGBT parades and fairs ?

Richard Jenkins

Broadly, a clear and justified calling out of the travesty of justice this farce is. A Labour councillor makes a complaint, not the employee I note, an ex Advisor to Carwyn Jones in his new guise of Ombudsman refers petty non issue to unelected, appointed, non judicial, adjudication board, I understand made up of ex politicians? That’s a strange form of justice? Welsh public should be horrified by this carnival!
However, to take the opportunity to savage PC and the left in the process is a cheap shot. Particularly when the whole process was instigated by the right wing of Welsh Labour? The charge of not putting independence to the fore when PC suffered badly under the leadership of a thoroughly nice but weak leader, is old history. Leanne has always unashamedly and incontrovertibly put Indy as the first priority of PC!

So, great expose of the slimy, sneaky bunch of self seeking ‘Britlanders’ (thanks for the great new term, going to use it often) but marred by a little too much ancient axe grinding!

8/10 must try harder,


So do you believe that independence is the first priority of Plaid Cymru?


In meetings with people discussing what to do to push the idea of Welsh Independence, I found two things.

Firstly, that far more people were willing – in and about the place, in the pubs they were held – to talk about independence as a possibility, as something to be considered, whether they agreed it would be a good thing or not than I had expected (and I grew up in the area).

Secondly, when discussing any events or literature to be produced, any line to take in talking to people, the ones who most wanted to close down any discussion of independence seemed to come from Plaid Cymru. “Oh, no one wants independence! Be *very* careful! Don’t push it! People will hate it! I don’t think I’ll see an independent Wales in my lifetime. The establishment will be on you! Be very very careful f you are thinking of doing any stalls! And for God’s sake, don’t call yourselves nationalist!”

They often seem to be the most enthusiastic at stopping anything happening – and, to be honest, seem quite effective at it. Especially to people new in to the idea (of which there seem to be more recently, from my very limited experience.) “Well, if this is what the radical nationalists (because that is what they will assume PC are) fighting for Wales are like, then fuck this for a game of soldiers. I’m not going to bother with all this nonsense.”

With limited other contact I have had with them on other related issues, they have often seemed not just to be useless, but to be an active hindrance to the idea of independence – at a time when more people than ever seem willing to talk about it (at least, as I say, in my limited experience).

Instead of taking advantage of the will in Wales for more devolution, of the increased level of noise about independence which is happening despite them, those I have had contact with seem to be beating it back, whether intentionally or not.

And yes, independence for Wales does seem to the ones (the few) I have any real contact with to be an unimportant add-on when compared to the politics of attacking Brexit, Trump or other issues.

andrea gibson

I just want to thank you for saying it as it really is. People are too quick to judge especially as they are ignorant to the backdrop.

Big Gee

I liked your comment on ‘Caru Cymru’ Andrea


Plaid now sticking the knife into their own AM, absolutely disgusting!


that party has reached a new low. The clique at the top are about as gutless as you could ever find. Stronger spines in earthworms. Plaid were said to be worried about Labour launching an attack on its feminist and anti bullying stance, well whoopie, Plaid have caved in ahead of any prospect of bullying by the Labour gangsters. As for Plaid’s feminism well it’s about skin deep, all image and posture, with no substance to it at all that adds any value to any cause. Get back to dealing with real issues or get out.


Now this is what I call bulling behaviour, by the extreme feminists!


Councillor resigns over ‘culture, attitude and sexism’ within the Labour party

A Cardiff councillor has defected from Labour saying the party has a ‘culture of bullying and harassment’

‘Sickened’ Labour councillor quits alleging ‘bullying’ and ‘racial discrimination’

JE Lloyd

Jac — Thank you so much for your sober, timely and illuminating analysis of this depressing situation. In the past, Neil McEvoy has answered to my satisfaction many of the questions raised above about what Plaid stands for. I am a Plaid member, but I am really struggling to find reasons to continue to support the party in the light of the hostility of the leadership to McEvoy’s charismatic style and success in areas that are not natural Plaid territory. Ultimately, I have decided that, if McEvoy can find the commitment to stay loyal to the party, then so will I.


Why don’t we all join the Plaid and form a “McEvoy wing” just to show those politically correct sacks of shit that there is a better way. I reckon that a solid wedge of about 100 robust individuals, men and women, could deliver a breath of fresh air through that lot and once again appeal to the disenfranchised mass in South Wales and N.E Wales along with the traditional stamping grounds in the Western counties ( North and South) & Powys. If a bunch of fakes like UKIP can swing people then a group of genuine people with a real interest in Wales should be able to raise some real support.

Big Gee

Diddorol! That’s an interesting theory you’ve just put forward there Dafis.

JE Lloyd

I much prefer this approach to tearing down the good in Plaid and attempting to build again from scratch. What is called for is a “Momentum”-equivalent for Plaid. A pressure group to keep Plaid honest and committed to its founding principles. McEvoy or Rhun would be great leaders of such a movement.

Big Gee

Both are huge tasks JE. However, if your donkey’s dead what’s the point in putting a shiny new saddle on it? You need a new donkey!


“Few complaints end up going this far. Last year, the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales dealt with 112 complaints against county councillors and only one was passed on to the adjudication panel”

30 November 2016 – Nick Servini BBC-W


Wow. Thanks for that link, Anon. 112 complaints yet only McEvoy ends up being judged! That’s a statistic that should make anyone sitting on the fence over this smell a bloody huge rat.

Red Flag

Fairly good commentary that echos you Jac.

As a Plaid member I received a mass e-mail from some jumped-up party lackey informing me of the outcome. I sent my response. It wasn’t exactly supportive of the party.

Keith Parry

Julie Richards Neil McEvoy’s ex partner mentioned above works for “The Office of Future Generations”..


Keith – do you have any means of finding out how she got that job ? Was it advertised in the public domain, or was it passed around the Party’s inner circle as it was deemed too good a number to allow the common herd anywhere near it !


Why am I reminded of the closing scene from that great book, Animal Farm? “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which”.
Plaid can be man or pig, as could Labour. Makes no difference because for us creatures sitting outside the farmhouse they are to all intents and purposes indistinguishable.
My fear is that McEvoy has been picked to play the part of Boxer, who if my memory is correct, was despatched to the slaughterhouse by the hierarchy and turned into glue.


It is borderline whether a comment like “I can’t wait for the Council restructuring to happen ” is bullying. It is certainly not correct to argue that this is equivalent to saying that the Council Official would be out of a job. Int is just as possible the official would be promoted in the restructuring!

The verdict of the Adjudication Panel should be appealed, and Plaid Cymru should be arguing this robustly.

(Incidentally, when I wrote to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales on another matter, I found him to be another representative of the inert bureaucracy that smothers Wales).

When John Prescott thumped someone (actually thumped, not a marginal case of bullying), the Labour Party rallied round. Nobody in the Labour Party said John is a violent thug, he needs to be thrown out of the party. They looked for reasons to support him. John will be John. John was provoked.

Whatever we might think about Labour, their support network is second to none.

Compare this to the treatment of Neil McEvoy. It does look very much as though Neil’s envious & spiteful opponents in Plaid Cymru want to drive him out of the party.

I resisted for a long time, but I am coming round — sadly — to Jac’s opinion that Plaid Cymru is not fit for purpose.

It needs to be bought a one-way ticket to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland, so a proper party for the people of Wales can emerge.


My guess is Jac is right as to where the blame lies. At least the BBC website says:

“Meanwhile a group of domestic violence survivors and women’s activists has written to Plaid Cymru calling for the party to review its support for Mr McEvoy.

The signatories include Rachel Williams, an ambassador for Welsh Women’s Aid and a survivor of domestic violence herself.

The letter called on Plaid Cymru to “take the necessary measures (including suspension pending the investigation of fresh complaints) to ensure that he has no platform to attack the already fragile position of women in Wales”.

Ms Williams told BBC Wales that she is a member of the Labour party.”

The remark we are meant to be discussing is: “I can’t wait for the Council restructuring to happen ” .

That has nothing to do with domestic violence, or even “the fragile position of women in Wales”.

If Rachel Williams really believes the position of omen in Wales its fragile, she might take the matter up with the people who have been running Wales rather than Neil McEvoy.

Gareth Bailey

For my part I wrote to my AM and Leanne making the case for not suspending Neil this morning.

Here is what I wrote

“I am writing you because I am concerned about the McEvoy situation. I
respect the email sent yesterday to party members asking not to rush
to judgement. If he truly is a bully by nature then its a risk for
sure. However when Llafur go after someone with such venom I start to
think he is doing something right in some respects.

Combative politicians stray over the line at times, but they are also
useful tools. Not everyone is as articulate or thoughtful as a
Jonathon Edwards or Adam Price. Plenty of thoughtful and articulate
people lose elections to those with a simpler outlook! Hopefully he
can be a useful tool for Plaid. From what I read he speaks for a
certain class and community, the kind of community that the media is
now focusing on as the disadvantaged and is the kind that always voted
Labour and is now voting UKIP. Instead they should be voting Plaid.

From my reading Cardiff is a Llafur boys club which needs
shaking up. If half that city united for Plaid the possibilities for
Wales are endless!”

I could have gone on and on and included more but chose not to.

I may not always agree with you Jac but keep up the good work!

Judith James

I was at Neil’s tribunal on Thursday morning and all day Friday, I was not allowed in on Thursday afternoon. Having allowed 30 people in the morning the public gallery was cut to 11 in the afternoon. The verdict and summing up on the Friday afternoon was reminiscent of Kafka’s “The Trial”. Neil’s barrister caught the main witness and the victim of Neil’s “bullying”, Debbie Carter, out in a direct lie and a half truth and 2 misrepresentations which she had actually told in an eviction hearing in a court. Yet the judge Claire Short found her a credible witness whose evidence was consistent.

Big Gee

I can smell the stench of a stitch-up all the way from Caerdydd to here in Aberaeron. It’s like a decomposing rat under the floorboards. However, the big mistake is that Joe Public has been assumed to be totally stupid and easily fooled. Because the kangaroo court stitch-up is so obvious & pathetic, the perpetrators of this clumsy plot have shot themselves in their own feet at point blank range. Anyone with half a working neuron can see that.

I think in the long run that NM is going to be the net (personal) benefactor in this nutty episode, whilst Plaid & Labour have been exposed for what they truly are beneath their veneer.

A brilliant comparison to Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ Judith – well spotted! For those not familiar with this book click on the image below.

If you can’t be bothered to read the book – check out this link, it tells the story beautifully (you’ll have to excuse the ‘hip-talk’ – but it ain’t the way you say it, it’s the way you tell it!)



You can download it for free from here. Always worth looking on Project Gutenburg for those long out of print, (and out of copyright) titles that are classics.

Nigel Stapley

And the Labour/meeja smearing of Neil McAvoy continues unabated:

Big Gee

Trust the British Bullshit Corporation (Wales) to wade in. Even the photo (in the link that Nigel Stapley provided above) that they published of NM with his barrister has been carefully picked to convey a certain image of the people involved. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face that this is a witch hunt based on fresh air, but moulded by politicians and the media into something that is akin to the crap we have become used to in the mainstream (false) media. It truly stinks.

The frightening thing is that if those behind the scenes get someone in their sights, they can manufacture a situation like this with impunity, with the guarantee that they will get their result in a kangaroo court. And we live in a fair democratic society? My arse!

What really rankles is the fact that SERIOUS wrongdoers, fraudsters, corrupt politicians, paedophiles etc. just get overlooked, or when complaints are made they are smoothed over, ridiculed, dumbed down, ignored or swept under the carpet by powerful and influential people (remember Operation Midland?).

What was that, that Neil McEvoy was accused of again? Oh yes – an ambiguous reference to his suggestion that he looked forward to a council reshuffle – now that IS serious stuff!


Meanwhile, the Bridgend Labour Party and the Council Monitoring officer has resorted to putting in an emergency call to South Wales Police when a group of terrorists (the Al-Ynysawdre Popular Front) arrived at a council meeting….

South Wales Police spokeswoman said, “police were called to a report of an anti-social behaviour nuisance incident”.

Adams aged 72, Dai 73, Mitch 78, Bounder 63, Geoff 65, Gar 76, and Terry 80, had gone to the council meeting intending to find out how Labour will justify an increase in council tax. Ynysawdre Community Council’s clerk Natalie Morgan claimed she had been forced to call the police to remove them.

Will the Labour Party be reporting this harassment incident to the Adjudication Panel for Wales?


Actually I’m wondering if they were the good guys in the Magnificent Seven that my dad took me to see as a kid?


The ‘Elderly Residents Association’ have been asking some (unanswered) questions…

Compare and contrast…
with nearby..

Why can’t Ynysawdre be more like Llangynwyd? Open, honest and engaging. Is it just because of the political party of the councillors? What are they hiding?

Andy Williams

Not a decent political party amongst them. Best. Wishes to Neil McEvoy but he seems to have rubbed them all up. Stalin knew how to deal with the likes of our political classes.


interesting comment in the Carmarthen Herald this week by Matthew Paul on “Nasty Neil” as the headline states – tory candidate who couldn’t get in, now switched to bring independent. But he also sees Tribunal as a star chamber as indeed most courts in south wales are.

Very interested in dr sally’s comment on prisons being stuffed with ex children from care. This is a big hidden problem because of the family courts being too close to council legal departments and all done in secret. many children in care sent there from decent homes but again many with parents who could do with a bit of help [possibly mental health of one or both parents] – costs less than fostering – and some who do need to be removed from parents [but how often do we see the SS not doing so eg Bay P etc and our own cases in wales.].

Interesting to see Samantha Gainard of Dyfed Powys police has gone – not because she was channelling money to her husbands law firm. Where were the showers who should have been raising the issues surrounding her years ago.

We need more N McE’s to sort issues out as he has done on an AM committee [as MP says in his article] – it can’t be left to civil servants and their politico lackeys and Xmas tree decoration watchdogs. If they can bring NM to a Tribunal just shows what they could and should be doing to bring justice and fairness or even just a fair hearing for other complaints from Joe/Jane Public – which it appears what NM was trying to do in the court for his constituent – which shows commitment for his vocation and for his values/principles. Other politico run for the hills [after collecting their daily food allowance of course – min £40 per day].


Regarding DP’s comments on the secrecy of the Family Courts – DP, if you’re concerned about such issues, start taking in interest in the Court of Protection and what is happening to young learning disabled adults in this Court under the Mental Capacity Act and/or the Mental Health Act. It is terrifying – I learnt about this through reading the blogs of Dr Sara Ryan and Mark Neary – Sara’s son died in the ‘care’ of Southern Health and Mark Neary’s young adult son was removed from his care against his wishes for months – Mark eventually won a landmark legal case. There are scores of young people being removed from the care of their parents – these are NOT abuse cases, this is being done in the name of the young people living ‘independently’ – but these young people do not have the abilities to live completely ‘independently’ so they are being ‘placed’ in ‘residential homes’ or ‘ATUs’ (assessment and treatment units). Many of these places have now become embroiled in scandal as whistleblowers reveal that the ‘residents’ are being abused (you may remember the expose of Winterbourne View). The Court of Protection is shrouded in complete secrecy, many of these parents face being jailed for contempt if they even reveal where their children are being ‘held’. This issue has big implications for Wales – there are a lot of these ATUs and ‘homes’ springing up in Wales (indeed Mark Neary’s court battle was to prevent his son being sent to a residential hospital in Wales – the Neary’s are from Hillingdon, miles away). These people are invisible, there are no checks and balances at all in terms of ensuring their safety and welfare – the ‘carers’ looking after them are low paid and often transient with very little ‘training’ in the complexities of caring for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, their families are many miles away and even ‘their’ social workers may be living in England, only visiting them every few months. I saw it all at first hand some years ago when I spent three terrible weeks working as a support worker for a chain of homes in north Wales called Prestwood – the abuse of residents there was rampant (I have blogged full details of what I witnessed at Prestwood on my own site), the practices were dreadful. Prestwood mercifully came to an end about six years ago – not because they had been closed down – they bloody well should have been – but because of one of the company directors, Suzanne Hamlett, died, and the other director, Lynda Holland (Hamlett’s partner) couldn’t cope without her and disintegrated. These women were completely unsuitable to be running such an establishment and I went to the office in Conwy responsible for the registering of these ‘homes’ myself to report the abuses that were happening. I was ignored and then threatened. Hamlett used to tell the residents that she was a former nurse from Denbigh – I later found out that she had actually been a former patient from Denbigh, a ‘revolving door’ alcoholic for much of her life. Holland had attended a mickey mouse ‘counselling course’ at a local FE college in Llandrillo. These two women had a constant supply of ‘residents’, sectioned under the Mental Health Act, from secure hospitals in England. There’s no way two women like that had the connections to run this business, there was someone much bigger behind that lot and I have my suspicions as to who it was…
Such homes are springing up everywhere throughout Wales – take a look at the job websites for mid and north Wales – dozens of jobs as ‘support workers’, constant readvertisements as well because the pay and conditions are so bad that no-one stays in the job. I saw a mention on Jac’s blog a few months back – he’d noticed a ‘home’ in Tywyn where the ‘residents’ weren’t even allowed in during the daytime, they had to hang around Tywyn. So I’ve done a bit of digging Jac – there are several such establishments in the Tywyn and Dolgellau area and they are constantly advertising for ‘support workers’. And some of those former ‘support workers’ have left some feedback on social media – they were not impressed with what was happening in those ‘care homes’. Wales needs to wake up to what is going on here, these establishments are privately run, often by big companies based in England (sometimes venture capitalists are involved), and they are making a bomb by hiding vulnerable people away in rural Wales where the property is cheap and there’s a ready supply of cheap labour. Meanwhile they charge the English authorities several thousand a week for these ‘placements’. It is a truly horrible trade in human beings. There’s a blogger called Finola Moss who’s daughter ended up in one of these places and Finola has been investigating their finances – this is really big business and Finola suspects that corruption is involved with social workers and the ‘experts’ recommending these placements possibly receiving backhanders…

Big Gee

A classic example of “swallowing the camel whilst straining the gnats”.

These secret and protected establishment organisations who trade in human suffering and abuse, and who are often the source of procurement of victims for powerful and influential paedophiles and perverts are hidden out of sight, and they get clean away with it, whilst complainants are hushed up or ignored, or often ridiculed as conspiracy theorists .

Then in contrast, you read about the kangaroo court hearings against people like Neil McEvoy for ridiculous allegations of no substance – which makes big news in the (false) mainstream media. It makes you realise that the world we live in is not only upside down, but inside out as well. A world where there is no sense, empathy, logic or a sense of right and wrong. It’s rotten to the core.

Here’s a taster:
‘Michael Shrimpton, barrister and author of the book Spyhunter names Ted Heath, UK prime minister in the 1970s as a paedophile and child murderer (or at least an accessory). According to Shrimpton, Jimmy Savile procured children from Haute de Gaurenne childrens home in Jersey and took them to Heath’s boat, Morning Cloud, where they were abused and murdered and thrown overboard.

This is why no bodies were found at Haute de Gaurenne. Michael Shrimpton was speaking on Bristol Community radio in January 2013.

I have no doubt that many of the ‘homes’ that are springing up in Cymru (being remote just like Jersey) are tied up with money and abuse of the vulnerable, whilst being funded from the public purse. These are the ‘camels’ that get swallowed, whilst the ‘gnats’ (like McEvoy) are strained.

Check out this link
& also this link


Plaid won the last election for P &C Commissioner for Dyfed Powys but as far as I can see nothing much has been achieved by this “radical new broom” unless sweeping shit under the same carpet, or even a new one, counts as progress down West. Years ago people used to whinge on about police corruption when local boys got promoted, especially if they came close to Chief Constable appointment. However it becomes evident that shipping in top talent from remote parts of England is an even more dubious way of meeting the organisation’s needs. Doesn’t the Commissioner have any responsibility for performance and quality ? and that would include weeding out any kind of dodgy behaviour that damages the force’s reputation with the public it is meant to serve ?


I know that people keep bandying Ted Heath’s name around as having been involved in the abuse of youngsters – I’m not convinced that Heath was, I think that Heath was so sour and unsociable that he’d have had great trouble maintaining any sort of relationship with anyone really – but it is accepted that other people connected to Margaret Thatcher’s administration definitely were. The problem at the moment is that as lurid allegations fly around, it’s muddying the waters and people who undoubtedly have been involved in the most dreadful activities to conceal wrongdoing are not in the spotlight. I didn’t grow up in care in north Wales but when I was young I brushed shoulders with some who did. My problems – very big problems too – occurred when I was completely shafted by the medical establishment when I tried to blow the whistle on serious abuses in the mental health services. It took a High Court Order and 20 yrs of fighting before I was able to access my own files but I’ve got them now – and they reveal a cover-up even bigger than I imagined, orchestrated by the Welsh Office, the BMA, the GMC and Medical Defence Union. There is an overlap between some of the people who were concealing the north Wales paedophile ring and the criminal activity in the mental health services. (I’m telling the full story on my blog, so I won’t go off at a tangent here.) But the gross neglect and abuse throughout the UK children’s services and mental health services/learning disability services in known about at Govt level – but, this is big business, and many people in Govt or with connections to Govt have investments in the private ‘care’ or ‘medical’ sector. The structure of those companies is often so complex with successive ‘umbrella’ companies involved so its very difficult to find out who has financial interests in them. Some three years ago I was interested in a dodgy organisation and a helpful person illuminated the structure for me – the path eventually led to a big investment from one Chris Patten, former Chair of the Conservative Party, Chair of the BBC, Chancellor of Oxford University. But this wasn’t Patten’s only interesting link – I have long taken an interest in ‘mindfulness’ and how it has been successfully sold to the world as a panacea for everything, yet I was a patient when those original ‘clinical trials’ were carried out in the mental health services at Bangor by Mark Williams. Well I didn’t see any miracles – but Williams went off to Oxford University where no-one actually knew what was happening up in Bangor and he established the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. One of the patrons was a Lady Lavender Patten of Barnes aka Mrs Chris Patten, wife of the University’s Chancellor. Conflict of interest or what? But I digress…
As far as the vulnerable kids/young woman in the system are concerned Big Gee, from what I have seen, the process is as follows – they are exposed to a lot of sexual activity in those ‘homes’, given porn to watch, encouraged to talk about their ‘sexuality’ (I have seen this done under the guise of therapy no less), encouraged to participate in sexual activity as ‘independent empowered’ young people and because most of them have very low levels of education they have no idea of what is appropriate or not and they see badly trained or abusive ‘nurses’ and ‘social workers’ as figures of authority who know what they’re doing, so they don’t understand that they are basically being ‘groomed’. If any of them do prove awkward, a damning psychologists or psychiatrists report will usually discredit them enough for no-one to take any notice of their complaints – they will usually then also be shunted out of the home pretty quickly on the basis that the ‘placement’ has ‘broken down’. Thus troubled vulnerable young people can be effectively softened up to be employed in the sex or porn industry. I’m not for one minute maintaining that this is happening to all ‘service users’ in ‘placements’ – there are places who do care for people as they should – but it is a much bigger problem than most people would ever imagine – it is happening and it is happening on a big scale. And there seems to be a network of corrupt professional people who are providing the ‘expert’ medical reports to discredit both the young people and, if they have them, their families, if they cotton on to what’s happening and try to blow the whistle. I have watched it in action, it is terrifying.
By the way, regarding allegations of Tory politicians being involved in sexual activity with youngsters – years ago, before everyone was obsessed with paedophiles, Matthew Parris wrote an autobiography. He talked about spending summers at a place in I think Italy, with other political chums who were gay like him, and they used to stay at a place that they nicknamed ‘the villa of shame’, where what were basically orgies were held. Parris writes an extraordinary line in which he describes the ‘boys’ as always being ‘willing’. He doesn’t seem to have asked himself where these willing boys were from and why such boys would be interested in having sex with a load of old farts like Parris and his pals. This isn’t top secret material, its in Matthew Parris’s book that I borrowed from Wrexham Library! But no-one has said a word about this interesting admission. And when I worked in London in the 1990s one of my colleagues was a gay man who knew the gay scene very well – he named a high profile member of Thatcher’s Govt as being involved in ‘spanking parties with little boys’ and said that no-one on the gay scene knew how he was getting away with it. Although that politician is now dead, I’m interested to see that he still hasn’t been named in any of the conspiracy theories, in any of the newspaper allegations about the alleged activities in Dolphin Square etc etc. So some of them were definitely up to something and someone is still ensuring that they are not being named in the media.

Big Gee

If you listen to the interviews in the links I provided above drsallybaker, I think you’ll find that Ted Heath’s involvement was more than the ‘bandying’ about of his name. Here’s an excerpt from the Independent dated the 19th of last month:

The head of the police force investigating reports of child sexual abuse by Sir Edward Heath reportedly believes in the allegations “120 per cent”.

Chief Constable Mike Veale, of Wiltshire Police, is reportedly convinced by testimony from alleged victims of the former Conservative Prime Minister because they have given similar accounts to investigators.

In December Mr Veale defended the investigation and said it was not a “witch hunt”.”

Chris Patten’s name is also associated with this vile ring, along with Jimmy Saville. There’s seldom smoke without a fire.

However I’m not here to investigate paedophiles, and incidentally it’s not just the domain of homosexuals, young females are also abused in this way. What I was drawing attention to was the totally mad situation where indescribable evil actions by prominent people are swept under the carpet and under reported, whilst pathetic witch hunts are conducted and heavily reported about non stories about ‘assumed’ wrong doings by the likes of Neil McEvoy. I am merely trying to put the incident involving Neil McEvoy into some sort of context.

As I said earlier, this is a reflection of the mad, demonised, evil and perverted world we live in. Sadly a large portion of the public are duped and brainwashed into believing what the mainstream media feeds them. They in turn are the mouth-pieces of the the elites that control our society. When the alternative media exposes the truth about high powered people, the often programmed response of many of the public is incredulity and a groomed response that it can’t possibly be true.


Hi Big Gee, I did listen to the links that you supplied – and I know that young women in ‘care’ situations are indeed being abused. I’d certainly agree that in the context of this sort of wrongdoing, the enormous fuss over Neil McEvoy is ludicrous. And the mainstream media is very inadequate and is controlled by some unscrupulous powerful people with their own agenda and always has links to the Govt of the day, indeed Govts of all shades have bent over backwards for years to ingratiate themselves to Murdoch, its what Alistair Campbell’s and Mandelson’s role’s were in New Labour. However, I would maintain that a Chief Constable claiming to be convinced of Heath’s guilt doesn’t count as evidence for anything more than the Chief Constable being convinced. I think the Savile situation was somewhat different – people definitely knew what he was doing, complaints had been made and had been suppressed. I was friends with two former students from Leeds University in the late 1980s who told me that Savile was into under-age girls and had been investigated for this. Furthermore Savile’s appointment to the management committee of Broadmoor was highly controversial at the time. And of course Savile was known to employ very aggressive lawyers – I think one was George Carmen – and I understand that a number of people who were about to expose Savile received letters from them. That is rather different than one Chief Constable stating that he believes in someone’s guilt.

Big Gee

The fact is that paedophilia and child sadism amongst powerful people and especially politicians is pandemic across the globe, well at least in the western hemisphere Pizzagate & the Clintons being an example in mind. It would not surprise me anymore what name popped out of the woodwork.

The ‘elites’, the governments and the mainstream media have been working hand in hand for a very long time. They highlight stories that are totally irrelevant (NM being a case in point) whilst burying information that is detrimental to the establishment – like the truth regarding the Middle East conflicts and propaganda against Russia, Iran & China. However there is a waking up taking place globally, thanks to the interconnectivity of the internet. Alternative news and information sources (including this blog) are turning the tide. The truth is slowly dawning on a vast number of people, who have up until now been staggering about like zombies in the dark, and guided by establishment propaganda.

At last the tide has turned when it comes to the mainstream media’s stranglehold on news. Newspapers are going out of fashion at a fantastic rate of knots, in the US traditional news outlets are crumbling and their ability to provide crap in the guise of journalism is something that’s in the past. Long may it continue!


Whilst both Cathy Owens (Labour) and Nerys Evans (Plaid) are the two directors of Deryn Consulting Ltd, it is Cathy Owens who has the controlling stake in the company. This ‘consulting’ business is the method by which private companies can purchase influence over the Welsh Government, and has been awarded public sector contracts, which were not offered to tender. Owens (the Labour Party tattler of the duo) makes a number of ‘policy pronouncements’ most notable being opposition to devolution of policing, and support for those employed in the criminal justice system in Wales being paid lower salary than those doing the same job in England. These pronouncements are under the Deryn name. Also, over the years there have been a number of ‘anti-Plaid’ briefings (known as trashing in the world of public relations) by what the Western Mail and the BBC refer to as a ‘senior Plaid source’. This, I believe, is none other than Nerys Evans herself. I question how her current role and behaviour is compatible with membership of Plaid Cymru.

Dafydd ap Gwilym

Jac! What a rather right wing male view of what is happening in certain quarters from a self admitted biased stand point. Then when people leave comments, that don’t fit, they are ambushed by uhm, let’s be careful here, ‘others’ which may even intimate to the reader that these ‘others’ could be the consensus of ‘someones’ supporters.
Serveral points, well many, but do I really need to suggest to people to re-read your article? The first full article of yours I have an issue with to be honest.
Firstly, no mention of what the Tory unionist elite in Cymru have done or are doing, especially the British (a little of their lackeys, but again no Tories which are the biggest part of the 5th column).
Secondly, what McEvoy has to do specifically with Deryn or a couple of other items you threw in makes little sense. However, it does explain who they are, but also connects him with them when the connection is purely their doing.
Thirdly, to promote (even in a throw away comment) doing harm to anyone, so specifically, as you suggested the harm some want to do to McEvoy calls for you to recind that remark and apologise without reservation.
So, to me I am a socialist in my beliefs, as many on Cymrieg sites know and like many do not support Labour or anyone else to the right of centre. To be clear, I therefore do not look to the left, I do not look to the right nor do I sit on the fence, I only look ahead. I am Cymrieg to my very core and my only aim is Independence for my country and my people whatever colour, gender, sexual orientation or geographical tendencies they may have, whether they speak Cymreag, Engllish or bilingual (that’s bilingual not the other bi Jac!). Also, personally, I would stand beside an environmentalist any day rather than anyone who promotes the destruction of all we love and know!
It has to be asked Jac, where are you coming from and where are you trying to lead our people?