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Whilst relaxing over a coffee a while back, and reading Llais y Sais, mine eyes alighted upon the report you see below. Straightforward enough, a story we read all too regularly; horny young teacher gets involved with pupil.

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This report in Llais y Sais suggests that the accused, Christopher Wood, “lives in Tregaron” and started working at the school in Solihull, Birmingham, in September 2015. Yet on the website of its Daily Mirror sister-paper we read the prosecutor saying“Wood, previously from Dorridge, Solihull, but now from Tregaron in Ceredigion, Wales, had started working at the school in September 2015.”

The difference is obvious. The Daily Mirror report tells us that Wood has recently moved from Solihull to Tregaron, while Llais y Sais hopes we’ll believe that he’s native to Ceredigion.

However, when I went to the WalesOnline website, I was confronted with a story that was similar, but all references to the alleged offences having taken place in Solihull had been removed. We were left with a naughty teacher from Tregaron. There’s no point in giving a link because the original version has now been updated to more closely follow what appeared in the print version.

In a normal country, any journalist writing up – even copying and pasting – this story would have asked himself or herself, ‘Hang on, why is this guy now living on our patch?’ To ask would be both good journalism and natural human curiosity. But Wales is not a normal country.


No case in recent years highlighted this lack of curiosity better than that of the Satanic paedophile gang relocated to Kidwelly and housed by Grwp Gwalia. To believe the ‘Welsh’ media these scumbags were all Welsh.

But the English dailies reported quite properly that they had come down from London. Here’s the Daily Mail report of the case from 11 March 2011.

This is the report from WalesOnline. The original WO report of 10 March 2011 made no mention of the gang having come down from London, this was added in the extensive update of 20 September 2014.

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It’s difficult to explain the September 2014 update. There was no appeal or any other development in the case. And anyway, the update was all background stuff – so why? Was it down to the bad publicity Llais y Sais was getting from me and others?

Whatever the answer, it appears that neither the ‘Welsh’ Government nor the Notional Assembly wanted to know how, why, and by what route, a gang of paedophiles could be moved down from London to cause misery in Carmarthenshire.

Presumably our AMs saw nothing wrong with such a system. Which might explain why it goes on all over Wales.


More recently, a few days ago in fact, I read of another paedophile in Llais y Sais, this one in Pembroke Dock. Though he was on trial in Somerset, as the offences with which he was charged had taken place in Somerset.

To be fair, Llais y Sais did say that the convicted man was “originally from Bridgwater in Somerset”. Though given the facts it would have been difficult to pretend that this paedo was as Welsh as you and me, look you.

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Which takes me back to the question I asked earlier when dealing with the teacher now living in Tregaron and the paedophiles dumped in Kidwelly – why did no one dealing with this story, in Wales, ask themselves how Somerset paedophile Boyle had reached Pembroke Dock.

I think we can safely assume that Graham Boyle “of Laws Street, Pembroke Dock” was moved to Wales by some agency or other. Perhaps the same agency responsible for moving a paedophile to Monkton just across the Cleddau, a decision that resulted in a near-riot.

I’m talking now of the reorganised and privatised probation service. If you want to know how it all fits together, this might help. As might the graphic below.

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The Community Rehabilitation Company for Wales is owned by Working Links which is in turn owned by . . . well, your guess is as good as mine because we end up offshore. The picture is further confused by the relationship between these probation companies and third sector bodies such as Pembrokeshire Care and Cymdeithas Gofal of Ceredigion, which I wrote about recently. Then the police are involved, as are the local councils.

So not only is the system deliberately labyrinthine in order to deter investigators, the community rehabilitation companies – being private companies – are not subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

It’s a hell of a system, but ideal for dumping English paedophiles and other criminals in Wales.


Returning to the wonderful Llais y Sais, another remarkable tale emerged over the weekend.

You may have read about a number of squaddies arrested on suspicion of being neo-Nazis and belonging to National Action, a proscribed group. One of those arrested is a fitness instructor based at the Brecon barracks.

The accused appeared in court at the Old Bailey in London a few days ago. According to Llais y Sais on Friday Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen, based at Brecon, is “a Welsh soldier”. The report was attributed to David Wilcock and Emily Pennick. I did a search and found that both work for the Press Association.

So I assumed that describing Vehvilainen as Welsh was a mistake made by London-based journalists. Even so, I was still angry and put out a tweet correcting them . . . and got an interesting response from David Wilcock.

So why would someone working for Llais y Sais, someone who knows that Vehvilainen is not Welsh, insert that misinformation? Why not just run the PA report unadorned? Was it a crass attempt to make the story more interesting for a Welsh readership, or was there some other motive?

The answer is that this was no clumsy attempt to give the report a Welsh angle, it was something more sinister.


There is a convention in ‘Welsh’ journalism, an unwritten rule, that wrongdoers must never be described as ‘English’. This rule applied even to Colin Batley, leader of the Kidwelly paedophile gang – despite him having an England flag flying from his drainpipe!

The Batley house in Kidwelly, courtesy of the Daily Mail. I’m fairly certain that this picture was not used by the ‘Welsh’ media

‘English’ and ‘England’ are verboten because they might give us a bad impression of our neighbours and thereby encourage an ‘us and them’ mindset. Far better to passively, by omission, suggest that these people are Welsh!

You’ve just had a lesson in elementary colonialist psychology.

But Llais y Sais seems to be going further. For not only does this rag withhold the truth about paedophiles and others being English, it actively promotes the idea that they’re Welsh. Most blatantly and recently with the case of the fascist squaddie, where someone in Cardiff inserted ‘Welsh’ into a story from the Press Association.


Being the fair-minded old bastard that I am, I’m now going to offer Llais y Sais a chance to take a small step towards far-off redemption.

Regular readers will recall the disturbing case of Jenny Lee Clarke, who worked with Carolyn Harris in the Swansea East Labour Party office, and then for Harris after she became the MP in May 2015.

The comradely harmony prevailing in the Brynhyfryd office was shattered when Clarke accused Harris of assaulting her over her sexuality. This was witnessed by a Labour councillor. In retaliation, Harris accused Clarke of theft, by the curious route of giving herself a rise without the proper authority.

Carolyn Harris, Labour MP for Swansea East (centre) at the Gay Pride Cymru rally in August 2017. Reports from what are now smoke-free rooms suggest that she too has ‘crossed over’. If true, then it offers a number of fresh interpretations to her assault on a colleague for being a lesbian and for wearing “dyke shoes”.

Bizarrely, it was through the London ‘papers reporting of the (alleged) assault in March 2016 that Ms Clarke learnt she was under investigation, but she wasn’t arrested – and then bailed – by South Wales Police until two months later on June 24.

(As might be expected, the Labour-supporting Llais y Sais and WalesOnline exonerated Harris to go with the ‘thievin’ lezzer’ narrative.)

She was re-bailed on September 19, and again on November 7. It wasn’t until February 17 this year that the papers went to the Crown Prosecution Service for evaluation and a decision on whether to proceed with the case.

When Ms Clarke attended Swansea Central police station on May 17th she was told that she was being released with no charge . . . but was also threatened with, “You may in future be asked to attend voluntarily to be re-interviewed”.

We are now coming to the end of September and Ms Clarke’s ordeal drags on. South Wales Police is making this woman’s life a misery on behalf of a vindictive politician and on the ‘advice’ of the South Wales Police DPP, who is of course former Labour MP Alun Michael.

This should not be happening in a democracy. And if Llais y Sais still harbours ambitions to be regarded as a newspaper then it would be reporting on this disgusting case of persecution and the abuse of political and police power.

But Wales is not a democracy. As I said earlier, Wales is a colonial society, and to facilitate this arrangement the Labour Party is allowed free rein to indulge in petty vindictiveness and to build up a vast network of cronies paid for out of the public purse.

Llais y Sais is just another part of the colonial system. Making Wales a very corrupt country indeed.

But there is hope. Watch this space!

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Big Gee

It’s disgusting, but totally predictable. For those of us who have for years been aware of what is happening to our identity, and keeping an eye on the welfare of our nation, it is no surprise.

It is all part of a preconceived plan by the colonisers to wipe us out by all means, and at all levels. The government establishment (Labour in Cymru), working hand in hand with the media (mostly the British Bullshit Corporation + the papers), the underground paedophile rings and occult groups, government servants, the judiciary and politicians (senior civil servants, judges MPs & AMs) are generally moulding the shape of what is to come. The goal is to wipe out the identity of the satellite nations and promote a greater England. Cymru is the weakest link, and is the focus of most of the attention of the project. We already are being softened up by the regular mention of that mythical country called ‘Englandandwales’ in the media.

The only way to put a stop to it is for the people to wake up. They are currently sleep walking through ignorance into this pit. It’s a big ask, because their thinking has been shaped through incessant brain washing through the education system and the propaganda projected by the aforementioned media mouthpiece of the establishment.

In the words of that Manic Street Preachers song:


comment image


Great song – inspired by an anti-Facist / Franco poster and referring to the bombing of Guernica.

I agree people need to wake up, easier said than done. They’ve drowned our villages, stolen our natural resources, dumped paedophiles, perverts, drug addicts, in our communities, and built houses that only wealthy people from outside these communities can afford, and that’s not mentioning Aberfan, potentially radioactive waste been dumped in Cardiff, and super prisons for English prisoners being built left right and centre.

If this isn’t a wake up call is, there any hope at all left?

Being optimistic, unless we are all wiped out by a nuclear War between N.Korea and USA, we do have:

YesCymru branches opening springing up all over the place, disproving the myth that there “is no appetite for independence”.

We have citizen journalists like Jac, Cneifwr and that are growing an audience for a non colonial journalism.

Neil McEvoy causing a nuisance, asking awkward questions and as a result pushing Leanne Wood to get a bit more robust in her questioning of Ca-win.

There was something else but I forgot.

We need to get off our fat asses and do something. When I say something I mean something peaceful, because as much as this stuff makes my blood boil, it will take the actions of one hot head to give the ammunition the BritNat press to undermine any movement.

Big Gee

With you all the way Teilocomment image


The scary thing is these cases are the “known knowns”, Jac, due to their identities coming to light because of criminality. God knows how many other undesirables have been closeted into our communities without people having the faintest idea as to the truth.

That’s a rather nice photo you have published of Carolyn Harris and I’m so glad you’ve confirmed she is the one in the centre. The last time I think I saw her face it was on the back end of a bus – the one Owen Smith was driving round the country. But seriously, the fact that this sordid business is still hanging over Jenny Lee Clarke is nothing short of scandalous. The trouble is – if a citizen was suffering from an abuse of some judicial process one of the avenues they could pursue would be to get in touch with their local MP to help them. Ouch!


Interesting photo that Jac has published. Three drama queens. The one on the left is quite famous and the one on the right is a great performer. The one in the middle, however, is now an MP. The biggest drama queen in Swansea. Known never to turn down a photo opportunity. Revelations about what Carolyn Harris did to Jenny Lee Clarke at the Brynhyfryd office explains alot. It should be noted that prior to becoming a office staffer for the Labour Party and after leaving Uni at Swansea she worked for two charities. Namely..

The Guiding Hand and the Joshua Foundation.

(1) The Guiding Hand Association (517517) performed the role of resettlement and rehabilitation of young offenders. The footprint being Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea. Something went wrong and by 2008 the trustees had to throw in the towel and decided to wind it up as a charity. Output of cash funds of £32k was secured, which was incorporated into a sleeping company called Guiding Hand Limited (05376054). This company did not trade for a number of years, other than a few hundred quid, which I have assumed to be stuff like bank charges and audit fees. However, in 2012 it paid £20k cash to somewhere unknown, and in 2013 the final £10k was paid out, once again to somewhere unknown, before being struck off. This is strange. It would be usual for a good cause charity that sits on £30k, but decides not to continue it’s good work, to donate this cash as a gift to another charitable body doing work in a related role. In establishing a company of limited liability and also relinquishing charitable status at the same time would expose funds to corporation tax should the cash be employed to conduct trade. The £30k cash was not paid out to trade creditors or employees, so would have been a spurious payment. But where?

(2) The Joshua Foundation. This charity was set to provides holidays and trips for terminally ill children in Wales. However, it got into trouble with the taxman. In 2013 they were being investigated by HMRC to which it owed between £300,000 and £400,000 for over-claimed gift aid, a suspected fraud that occurred some ten years previously. A investigation by the charity commission found they were involved paying relatives of, and trustees, via Shram Events. I cannot understand why this company launched the ‘Oz Experience Project’. Why did they own land in Australia when they were supposed to be sending terminally ill children to Lapland to see Santa?

Obviously, these difficulties could just be co-incidence and just happens to be charities where Carolyn Harris was previously employed. Drama does tend to follow.


Another very interesting post Jac. I have copied below my enquiry to Welsh Government {dated 20 September} regarding offender management in Wales following the privatisation of the probation service. I await the response.

“I refer to Welsh Government publication entitled “National Pathway for Homeless Services to Children, Young People and Adults in the Secure Estate” published December 2015. I am currently reviewing operational arrangements in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire in West Wales and would be grateful if you could respond to the enquiries listed below to inform the review.

1. On offender release from the Secure Estate is the “National Probation Service” {NPS} responsible for managing in the community high risk serious offenders with “Wales Community Rehabilitation Company” {Wales CRC} responsible for managing in the community low to medium risk offenders.
2. I note that the NPS and Wales CRC “Offender Manager” has oversight of risk management processes in Wales. Are you able to provide the contact details of the designated Offender Managers in Wales.
3. I note that high risk offenders on release from the secure estate are provided accommodation in “Approved Premises {AP}”. Who is responsible for approving these premises. Are the location of AP’s known to elected representatives of the community {Councillors, Members of Parliament and / or Assembly Members}. Is the risk assessment {including risk of harm to the general public} undertaken by NPS / Wales CRC or by the Local Authority.
4. When a former prisoner presents to a Local Authority in Wales following release from a prison in England what “emergency support” is the Local Authority obliged to provide under the new legislation, now introduced in Wales.
5. I note the requirement for Annex 9 {Housing Risk Assessment} and Annex 10 {Personal Housing Plan} to be completed. Copy attached. Given the involvement of private landlords in housing high risk offenders, is the information contained in these documents available for inspection / scrutiny by any elected representative of the community {Councillors, Members of Parliament and / or Assembly Members}.
6. As private landlords are able to charge higher rents for housing high risk offenders how is this funded. Is this funded by the taxpayer through homelessness prevention grants provided by Prison Link Cymru and “supporting people” grants provided by Welsh Government and managed by Local Authorities. Who is responsible for undertaking the evaluations to ensure value for money in accordance with grant conditions.
7. Under S.95 of Housing {Wales} Act 2014 Housing Associations are expected to cooperate with a Local Authority to discharge its duties under the Act, unless it is “incompatible” with the Housing Association’s own duties. Under the new legislation, are Housing Associations able to delegate this role to other third sector societies with Estates and Letting Agency subsidiaries.

Your response to these enquiries will help to avoid “grey areas” and confirm where responsibility rests along the pathway from prison to rehabilitation of offender in the community. I look forward to receiving clarification at your convenience.”


In seeking to falsely suggest that Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilaine is “Welsh”, the press are failing to identify the alleged linchpin role that Vehvilainen is accused of.

Namely: (a) He is the most senior rank in the group, and will have been tasked to score his pupils. (b) He occupied an important ‘mentor role’ for all soldiers who’d passed through Sennybridge training. (c) He will be the ‘best shot’ in rifle scores and considerably more skilled than his peers. (d) He was not just a ‘fitness instructor’ but a specialist trainer in camouflage, ambush, sniping, and weapons maintenance. (e) He would have had access to hundreds of trainees that pass through the infantry school. (f) Would have been the ‘spent shell monitor’ during live firing exercises.

This is reflected in where the suspects have been remanded in custody. The other suspects are together on remand in HMP Winchester but Vehvilainen held separately in isolation at HMP Belmarsh.

The key piece of evidence that this group was not just ‘casual and naïve’ acquaintances with a proscribed group, namely National Action, but that there is material evidence that they pose a danger to the public. That defined by the anti-terrorism legislation. Key to this is documentation held, and accessed, and glorification of Anders Behring Breivi, the convicted Norwegian mass killer and white supremacist.

In seeking to ‘Welshify’ the suspect TrinityMirror are actively ‘killing the real story’ for a journalistic point of view. They salivate over British soldiers marching through Welsh towns, but fail, and perhaps do not wish to raise questions over what dangers and disadvantages come with the MoD having it’s bases in Wales.

I’m sure any RMPs in Wales will understand that this is no lad on the lash who gets punchy after a beer requiring town square response. It’s an arrest made from intelligence gained from work by civilian police.

It puts into question the effectiveness of military discipline and whether the MoD are a safe holder of real estate in the Welsh landscape. Are the British Army a fit and proper organisation when they import these terrorists into our country? These are the questions Llais y Sais wish to avoid.


On the subject of Welsh neo-Nazis I thought that photo of Carwyn saluting the Labour faithful at their conference was as close to a Nazi salute as I’ve seen in many a year. Just a tad limp in the wrist, but I’d best not go there.


He’ll never match Kinnock.snr’s instinctive imitation of Mussolini. Almost as though they were related!
Good to see that Kinnock.jnr hasn’t,as yet, acquired his dad’s natural affinity for bombast and histrionics, though he’s accumulating a solid track record for rhetoric. Maybe he’ll acquire the rest of the “toolkit” later in life.


I touched on this in the previous posting. Trinity Mirror rags/online are fulled by half truths, rumours, innuendo and downright ignorance, as most of their journos are absolute imbeciles. Thankfully the circulation of the print edition is hitting rock bottom but the online presence has a following of sorts despite being hideously clunky. Online versions of MSM rags tend to be bland and avoid controversial subjects. Even the Guardian has a high proportion of tame wet material which hardly challenges anything other than the readers’ ability to stay awake ! Which make Wales, the Welsh, their culture language, even their right to survive and prosper a nice soft target for all these wallies who conform in various ways to the mainstream Anglo Brit supremacist template.

The bigger threat however comes from Television especially as it goes through a transition from rigid “schedule”and “channel” formats into a less structured “on demand” response. Governance of this “free for all” will be a much bigger challenge and while it enables minority activists to promote their ideas it will provide even more scope for powerful majority interests with well financed support to peddle all sorts of disinformation under the banner of “truth”.
For example, hypothesise that LlafurCymru runs its own TV show and claims that its Welsh Language policies are a roaring success, despite our real life experience suggesting the contrary. Or that NHS in Wales in doing ever so well and turns out a few talking heads to “illustrate” the point. Or that the third sector has “helped” so many failing souls and really deserves to suck up more funds to meet growing demand.

Well we’re getting this already on BBC and ITV ! so we can expect more of the same as technology’s boundaries expand unless we hurry up and get some things changed. The more I think about it the more convinced I become that if we don’t boot out the present regime in 2021 we will be permanently locked into a downward spiral of Orwellian government and loss of identity.


On the subject of dumping on Wales…..

Cardiff Grounds (and existing slack water bank) is a bizarre choice for dumping the Hinckley Point nuclear mud. The dumping vessels would have to cross the Bristol Channel passing to other side of Flatholm, transecting against the tides to get there.

Even if the mud is benign, there is a more suitable slack water bank available, off Clevedon. This is where the dumping vessels would be able to run with the tide. This better site has the unfortunate name of the ‘English Grounds’.

Why did the Welsh Government issued a dumping license without an environmental impact assessment? Why did EDF choose the more expensive site off Cardiff?


I was wondering why the BBC and Labour controlled Cardiff Council are involved in the ‘Flatholm stunt’ off the Cardiff coast in October by installing the temporary roll-up solar panel unit. This unit was launched in 2015 and has been flailing around for a non-military application since them. The product is designed to be used in hot sunny deserts with General Sir Mike Jackson GCB CBE on its advisory board.

I wonder if it’s anything to do with the controversy that’s just erupted on plans agreed by the UK and Wales governments to allow the dumping on nuclear contaminated mud from Hinckley nuclear power station at Cardiff grounds, a sandbank within spitting distance of Flatholm off the Cardiff coast? Nice bit of green wash from the generals to divert attention. The island has had a fully functional fixed PV array and 6Kw wind turbine since 2007!!

Dr Sally Baker

Jac – the huge new prisons planned for Wales (like the one now completed at Wrexham) filling up with prisoners from England have been discussed on this blog. I have frequently expressed the opinion that people in prison these days are poor, dispossessed people with mental health and/or drug problems rather than villains. I see that BBC News Wales online is reporting that Frances Crook from the Howard League for Penal Reform has stated that Wales is becoming the new Botany Bay – a dumping ground for poor people from England.
What have we all been saying for the last few months on this blog??
Time for the people of Port Talbot to say ‘absolutely not’ to the plans to build a monstrosity on their doorstep…

Big Gee

Re: Dr Sally Baker’s comment.
I’ve been saying it publicly since I was old enough to notice these things and ESPECIALLY since the turn of the millennium! And I’ve been punished and vilified for truthfully exposing the situation. Mostly from the hierarchy within Plaid at that time. Attacks from arrogant and ignorant Anglo Saxons is to be expected – but from your own tribe? Hardly.

See: “Thank God I’m Welsh“!

Chopper Harley

Wonder where this one originates from. Incident in Cardiff arrested in Weston Super Mare and being referred to as being from Wales.