Jan 142014

Following on from the previous post, here is my response to the Welsh Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government’s Housing (Wales) Bill. The deadline for responses is Friday, so if you want to make a point then do it now, and send it to CELGCommittee@wales.gov.uk.

In case the PDF version below should disappear (as they have a habit of doing) the document should be available here.


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Galés Patagónico (@gwynn10)
Red ²

Hi Jac,
It’s nice to tell the AMs what they can do with themselves but I think that your letter is destined for a filing cabinet.

One way of making mores homes available for people in Wales would be to introduce a Capital Gains Tax of 100% on all second homes.


It would have been nice if you could have made this same point without using language that is demeaning and demonising of the working class English. Reference to “tracksuit bottoms” and “£100 scratch card habits” is frankly little more than offensive caricature in what could have been a reasoned submission on their sneaking past devolution by the backdoor. A shame, really.


Great work Jac. I don’t like using terms like white trash but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. Often these people are long term workless with a raft of social, medical and sometimes substance misuse problems. The bottom line: How do you improve the prospects of the long term workless by moving them to unemployment blackspots with existing social problems and strained public services? You can’t. It is simply a device for English councils to get rid of problem familes. No one can defend this because it is an atrocity against both families and the new host communities. For ‘vulnerable’ groups like these their greatest resources are the existing networks in their home communities (I appreciate that not ALL of their connections will be positive). The morons that want to allow this process know they can’t defend it so they dont. Instead they shift the debate to focus on the ‘WELSH RACISTS’ who don’t want their country to suffer the collapse in public services, community cohesion, culture and language that comes as a result of engineered demographic change. Dal dy dir Jac.


Here we see MPs in the home counties of England objecting to using housing in coastal communities as dumping grounds….
But if someone objects in Wales we’re called racists.

Daley Gleephart

Wow! 4 properties in different locations = dumping ground


Hey Jac. Have you seen this?

”Joland Giwa, 24, was the former leader of notorious London gang Don’t Say Nothing based in Croydon, south London, and he commanded up to 80 members behind a series of stabbings, shootings and killings.

He was behind bars for more than four years after finishing a jail sentence for a string of street robberies.

Immigration officials have struggled to establish his nationality – he says he is from Sierra Leone but the country insists he is Nigerian, a claim rejected by the Nigerian authorities.

He was freed last month with an electronic tag and has to live near Cardiff, after being bailed by the independent Immigration and Asylum Tribunal. He is banned from going to any part of London.”

What a bloody disgrace!

Daley Gleephart

It is a disgrace but, unfortunately, it is still legal to buy the Daily Express.


I suspect if Mr Joland Giwa commits some serious crimes here, BBC in Wales will describe him as a ‘local man’.

Daley Gleephart

Has BBC News, Wales ever described a west African male as a ‘local man’?


Yes. Victim of trafficking, Taiwo Ayinde, a Nigerian asylum seeker, worked as a volunteer for Sue Ryder Cancer Care in Cardiff, was deported in 2008. The Western Mail did report his involvement in ‘Nigeria Community Wales’. It appears the policy imposed by the British Government on foreign nationals in Wales is to deport the victims and deserving workers, while at the same time, dump the gangsters and criminals.

Daley Gleephart

There is a big difference between the BBC stating “Ms Ayinde had become very involved in the local community” and describing a west African as ‘local’.


The BBC says “Cardiff-based Barwood Land and Estates has lodged an outline application for the site” relating to 1700 homes in Bodelwyddan.
This is a strange claim as Barwood Land and Estates is based at Roman Way, Northampton.
Is this just sloppy journalism from the BBC or putting a deliberate spin on ‘housing issues’?

Robert Tyler

From the only decent Lab MP in Wales:

Dear Theresa,

Transfer of Mr Joland Giwa to Newport.

Enclosed is a report from today’s South Wales Argus. I understand that the Home Office isrefusing to confirm the present location of Mr Giwa. I write presuming that the South Wales Argus story is accurate.

Understandably there is deep outrage and anger that a man described as a ‘dangerous criminal’ and a ‘serious threat to the public and young people’ has been transferred to a residential address in the heart of urban Newport.

My constituents raise three main concerns:-

* Why are the laws on deportation impotent to expel from our borders a person who has flagrantly broken our laws and abused our hospitality?

* Why Wales?

* Why Newport?

There is exasperation that criminal immigrants can evade justice by claiming to have lost their passports, disguised their nationality or by otherwise attempting manipulate the system. Has your department no remedies for these ploys?

This person presents a problem for London and the rest of England. What was the process that determined that he, and the danger he represents, should be re-located to Wales and Newport. What other areas were considered and what consultations were held with Newport representatives? If unpalatable decisions are unavoidable, London should be responsible for its own problems and not seek to dump them on Wales and Newport.

I am copying this letter to the Chair of the Home Affairs Committee urging an investigation.

Yours sincerely

Paul Flynn